See the Astounding Ways Augmented Reality is changing Consumer Behaviour

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on April 18th, 2018

Impact of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on internet marketing

In the midst of all the hype that was virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) took over online marketing and the way that consumers interact with brands. Augmented reality goes beyond the limitations of VR – which requires a headset to get in and out. Instead, augmented reality applies virtual elements through the lens of a smartphone to real world living. For the first time ever, virtual objects are able to be applied to real-life physical environments. There exists amazing potential for augmented reality to progress and to continue changing consumer behaviour.

Consumers have always shown a love towards fun, interactive marketing. Since the 1990s, augmented reality has been a key focal point of development in marketing circles. At that time, it was so underdeveloped however that not much came of it.

Today, augmented reality has progressed to the point where Google Glass, Snapchat Lenses, and Pokemon Go all serve as examples of application. Though these trends permeate for a time and then tend to fade, this is just the beginning. As augmented reality tech continues to get better at keeping objects in place and based realistic to scale, developers are continuing to create more immersive AR experiences.

There exists one category where AR has progressed to popular application, and that is in furniture and renovation. It’s now possible to download AR applications that allow a user to see how a piece of furniture sits in a given space. Instead of shopping online and making a guess as to what a couch would look like in your living room, via AR, it’s now possible to see in real-time through a smartphone. See realistic, detailed 3D models in action!

Beyond furniture and home-related application, augmented reality can also play a part in purchasing clothing and appearance-related items. Presently, AR works by smartphone camera. Imagine being able to apply hats, shirts, pants, or makeup to your appearance, using real-world scale and size to compare. Snapchat filters and similar technology across other social media platforms has already made use of this, playing fun games with selfies. Imagine if you were, let’s say, about to purchase a set of glasses online. Augmented reality could be used to test the look of glasses on your face. The same can be said for certain cosmetic products. More and more, expect to see major brands implement ‘virtual try-on’ features into their websites and applications.

Yes, every face is different and to that point, there are still some challenges being experienced with augmented reality. All things considered however, the technology has come a long way. The future certainly looks promising, as it pertains to applications of AR.

Beyond applying virtual reality elements to the home and on the person, there also exists growing interest in location-based augmented reality. Imagine being able to walk down streets and see exclusive location-based promotions and deals, or that notifies you when there is a friend nearby, or that provides general information about monuments, stores, and places. Augmented reality apps have the potential to do all of this and more.

Layering the real world with AR is going to make things a lot more advertiser-friendly in the years to come. As consumers anticipate the next augmented reality release that is of interest to them, brands have the opportunity to see big rewards when capitalizing on the growing trend of augmented reality marketing.

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