Why Should You Rent an iPad?

Posted by rickymartin on April 19th, 2018

Digital hobbyists have been abuzz in recent months with the latest products from Apple. The iPad and now the iPhone 4 (available in the US) have been reviewed, compared and analysed by techies galore. It seems like newspapers and media outlets can't get enough of the latest gadget developments, with Steve Jobs popping up in major news headlines every day - it seems everyone has caught Apple fever.

The new iPad

Many claims that it will revolutionise the way we view and consume content online - the Apple iPad is one of the unique new releases to date. The iPad measures just 242 x 190 x 13.5 mm and weighs at a mere 700 grams - it's the most stylish computing device around.

Labelled the "laptop killer", reviews of the new iPad have been enthusiastic with leading tech blog Engadget praising its entrance into the marketplace. "The iPad is powerful, elegant, and largely unlike any computer you've ever used," they say. "It's the ultimate browsing machine," says Shane Richmond from the Telegraph. And as it's been seamlessly integrated with existing iPhone apps, there are already 150,000 ways to use your iPad.

However, many blogs also discuss some of the iPad's limitations, including its inability to multitask and the incompatibility with Flash limits your web browsing experience. Engadget is the first to say that the iPad is not a replacement for your laptop - at least not yet. If you're a casual computer user and use a computer primarily to browse the net, read ebooks and stay in touch on social networks, then the iPad could be the perfect gadget to fit your needs.

iPad features:

•    Retina Display

•    Motion Co-Processor

•    Multi-touch screen

•    Dual-Facing Cameras

•    16 GB to 128 GB of Flash Storage

•    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and MIMO support

•    Bluetooth 4.0

•    4G LTE and Assisted-GPS

•    Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass

•    Proximity and ambient light sensors

•    10 Hours of Battery Life

Rent an iPad

There's another way to get your hands on the latest technology, like the cheap iPad hire, without forking over the money to buy it upfront. You can iPad Hire in Cambridge for a lease period that's as short as 2 years and then upgrade to the latest technology - may be the next iPad version when it arrives. Alternatively, if don't think the iPad Hire in Cambridge or Cheap iPad hire includes all of the functionality you'll need, you can rent a Mac or MacBook until the next release.

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