Single hung or double hung windows - which one is better?

Posted by azwindowsanddoors1234 on April 19th, 2018

There are mainly two kinds of hung tilt windows Hamilton. The main difference between single and double hung windows is in how each window is operated. Single hung windows have a bottom panel or sash that moves vertically, while the upper sash or panel is fixed in place. These windows are very general in flats or an apartment building.

Double hung windows are very much different from a single hung window and that have the ability to open both sashes. This means it can be open from both ends of your window up or down. Moreover, both of the panels can be tilted down and in for convenient cleaning.

Cleaning single hung and double hung windows

One of the major factors in making the choice between single and double hung windows is how to clean these windows.

Cleaning windows can be a drag. Most of the time, you need to wait for the weather is temperate enough to go outside, wash them down and with the help of a ladder clean the windows. Some people may go to extend to have the windows on their home professionally washed.

Cleaning double hung windows is so easy. All you need to do is open the top, tilt and clean it. After the cleaning procedure, tilt it back again.

Safety with single hung and double hung windows

Another feature that stands out about these windows is safety. If you have children that hang around windows, you can rest assured that you have made it quite difficult for an accident to happen.

Home ventilation with single hung and double hung windows
Double hung windows open the top a bit for the ventilation without damaging the window sill from the raindrops. They offer a great means of ventilation. It also brings a breeze into the home from above and helps release some heat during the summers.

Cost of single hung and double hung windows

Single hung windows tend to be purchased for many reasons. They are available at a lower price and if you are on a budget and take a small space where a window is required and single hung is the only alternative. These reasons don’t even come close to the advantages of having double hung windows. When you are looking to change your home or renovating it for a new and fresh look, double hung windows are the way to go.

This article is all about the type of hung tilt windows Hamilton i.e. single hung and double hung windows. It is necessary to read this article before going to renovate your home windows.

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