Prohibited Storage Unit Practices

Posted by on April 19th, 2018

There are various affordable storage units Long Beach has to offer. With the current cheap rates of storage units, there are more and more people investing in one. However, what few people know is that there are certain things you can do in a storage unit and there are certain things you can’t.

Here are some of the prohibited practices. Make sure you don’t do any of these if you wish to remain a law-abiding citizen.

You Can’t Live in a Storage Unit

Since storage units come cheap, many people wonder if they can use it for a living. After all, rentals on apartments and houses are always on the rise. At such a time, a storage unit might seem like a financially feasible solution. However, you are not legally allowed to live in a storage unit. Therefore, under no circumstances whatsoever should you consider living in a storage unit. If things get hard for you, consider moving into a smaller place rather than crashing in your storage unit.

You Can’t Leave Your Pets in the Storage Unit

Just like a storage unit is out of limits for your living needs, the same goes for your pets. If you think you can get away with leaving your pet in it when you go on a vacation, think again. The law does not allow you to board your pet, whether it be a fish tank or a dog, in a storage unit. This holds true even if your pet is dead. Unless you wish to be targeted for animal abuse, never do such a thing.

No Plants

If you are a gardener and planning to leave your plants in the storage unit for a while, know that this is not allowed either. This is because plants need light and water to survive, which cannot be provided in a storage unit. This is why the law does not allow people to store plants in a storage unit. Let’s put it this way: anything which is living and breathing (yes, plants satisfy both those conditions) is not to be kept in a storage unit.

Stolen Goods Are a No-No

This goes without saying. Storing anything illegal in a storage unit itself is a crime. Let’s begin by saying that stealing items is a crime, to begin with, and should be avoided. Moreover, where you choose to store such items also matters. A storage facility management will tell you that no illegal or stolen goods are to be placed in their units.


Make sure you read up on all the other prohibited practices regarding storage units. Remember, different storage units will feature different rules and regulations. Peruse these rules carefully before you pay the price and never try to break these laws and rules. Trust us when we say it is not worth it.

Use a storage unit in ways it is supposed to. Select the best one from the various options available and benefit from it.

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