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Posted by Marlin kemi on April 19th, 2018

The human body faces a number of health issues among which there are a few which were mysterious for the medical science also. One of such issues was teeth grinding. Until recently it was regarded as a mystery among the dentists as well as doctors the actual reason working behind teeth grinding. The theory which was expounded said the true cause was stress. But it was not explained by the experts as to why the fetus grinds teeth as it is in the womb and there is no obvious reason for stress to it. As a result, the issue of grinding teeth remained some kind of a mystery to dentists, doctors and for researchers. In modern days also there are many scientists, researchers and dentists work on this issue to find a true reason that can lead to a conclusion.

In the researches carried out lately, it has come to fore that grinding of teeth is a sort of response due to the instinct that assists human beings to stay alive. With the help of this research, researchers are in a position to tackle conditions of teeth grinding as well as make a diagnosis of sleep apnea. However, there are yet more experiences being conducted on the same, and hence some new treatments will also find its way.

Teeth grinding at night

It is a fact that right through the night the brain goes through a cycle of deeper as well as light stages related to sleep. At the time the brain goes through the phase of deep sleep, the whole of your body’s muscles are relaxed, and they loosen up. With this change in the body your airway is affected, gradually the jaws turn heavy, and it shuts off this airway together with tongue, and just as the jaw relaxes fully, it becomes more expanded just about double of its size thus blocks the airway in turn. By studying the brain scans of people who were under investigation, it was noticed that the airways that were partially closed off as people were sleeping the researchers were astonished to see the bruxism also known as grinding of teeth was the reason behind reopening the closed airway.

Here some of the patients are offered a reliable type of aid to help them keep their airway open all through the night. For example, a kind of dental device by the cranbourne dentist or an appliance called CPAP machine that will clasp the jaw in a natural position so that the jaw together with the tongue do not obstruct the airway. The experts noted that it prevented teeth grinding as well as a matter of loss of breathing or apnic also halted during the night.

Benefits of grinding

According to experts grinding of teeth saves you, so it is okay at night hours says your dentist. In reality, in case teeth grinding efficiently give you life at night, it will also offer you undisturbed sleep at night. You cannot enjoy sleep if teeth grinding persists too long

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