This is why having Lord Krishna and Radha painting will benefit you

Posted by Nishtha Sharma on April 20th, 2018

For a long time, people have been communicating, across generations, through paintings. Each painting has a story to tell and a message to convey; be it through drawings on the walls of caves or paintings from the medieval period.

Since time immemorial, paintings have been telling and keeping alive the stories and lessons from the ancient times. However, in today’s times, people consider these paintings merely items of decoration. What people forget is that paintings are not just meant to be put on a wall, but convey a lot of things that even words can’t express.

When talking about the Indian households, many can relate that most of the households are decorated with paintings depicting their Gods or other religious stories.  The fact that every Hindu home will surely have a painting or two depicting Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha inspires this article to tell you about the benefits of having a Radha-Krishna painting in your house.

According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Radha is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Their story of infinite love for each other and the pain of separation they have to face is an epic in itself. Just like their names that are always taken together, a Lord Krishna painting feels incomplete without Goddess Radha on his side. Modern day couples and families can learn a lot from the Radha and Krishna paintings, which is why every house should contain a Radha-Krishna painting.

The paintings of Lord Krishna and Radha always contain garden scenes along with other elements like a flute, peacock, cow, and lotus, which are symbols of peace, happiness, prosperity, and love. Therefore, a Radha-Krishna painting in your house brings in positivity and is also beneficial as per the Vaastu Shastra.

It is a divine love story that when expressed through paintings can inspire and nurture love among couples. According to Vaastu, a Radha and Krishna painting in the bedroom not only enhances marital relations but also fosters love. On the other hand, for unmarried girls and boys, a Radha-Krishna painting is considered auspicious and believed to bring an ideal life partner.

Couples can learn a lot from the love story of Lord Krishna and Radha; like devotion towards your partner, patience in a relationship, deriving strength from your partner and the importance of sacrifice in a relationship.

A Radha-Krishna painting is considered to fill the house with feelings of love and happiness and create a positive and energetic environment at home. Therefore, every home should have at least one Radha-Krishna painting.

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