Why Opt For Pre-engineered Buildings In India

Posted by Sunil Srivastava on April 20th, 2018

Want to plan out some quick constructions? Opt for Pre-engineered buildings constructions that are both fast and inexpensive. These buildings are constructed with pre-fabricated steel developed in factories. These structures are assembled in the site to develop PEB constructions.
PEB structures are becoming rampant in both the urban and rural structures in India.
India is becoming the fastest growing market for pre-engineered buildings owing to the multiple advantages of the PEB structures.

Some of the advantages are:

Construction within short span

While foundation is under construction, the structures are fabricated in industries. This saves lot of time. After the structures are fabricated they are brought to the site and erected easily.

Less manpower required

There is no end to the manpower required in ordinary constructions. The PEB constructions require only minimum labour. As the structures are pre-fabricated in industries, they are required to be only erected at the site and the process requires less manpower.

Low cost construction

Ordinary constructions cost real high especially for the large amount of raw materials required. But PEB constructions are totally affordable.

Flexibility in design

Versatile architectural designs can be planned for PEB constructions as the steel structures are designed in software and fabricated with machines.

Scope for future expansion

Since only bolted connections are used, length-wise expansion is possible in the future based on requirements.

Low maintenance

The steel structures of the PEB constructions require low maintenance. The steel surfaces can be easily repaired if damaged.

Seismic resistance

The light-weight steel structures of the PEB constructions offer resistance to seismic waves than the concrete structures susceptible to quakes.

Applications of PEB designed structures In India

In India, industrial units, warehouses or industrial plants are multiplying each day. Low cost PEB constructions, color coated roofing sheets and solar panel structures can be extensively used for both industrial and domestic purposes. The PEB constructions, the color coated roofing sheets and solar panel structure has an edge over the conventional masonry designs and architecture, they are also popular for utility, design and also affordability. Color coated roofing sheets are used for domestic purposes such as in homes or for domestic sheds besides residences. Solar panel structures are extensively used in homes, hospitals and hostels. With a steady growth rate of 9.5%, India is dominating the market for PEB construction segment leaving its competitor China close to the heels. The industry size of Pre-Engineered Buildings in India is $ 0.38 billion. Currently, 33% of Indian Construction industry is based on PEB and it is growing steadily at around 35 % per annum.

PEB designed structures are commonly used in:

• Industrial buildings
• Warehouses
• Power plants
• Laboratories
• Airport hangers
• Parking lots
• Factories

Besides these, the PEB constructions are the ideal option for constructions in hilly areas. They are also the preferred buildings designed to provide good insulation in the tropical climate.

PEB concept is successful in India quite similar to its wide application in North America, UK and other European countries. The popularity of PEB is increasing across the length and breadth of the country for its many advantages and extensive applications.

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