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Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Posted by AcmeDisys on April 21st, 2018

Plastic Injection Molding is widely known for consistently producing thousands of plastic products or components for OEMs, consumer goods manufacturers, packaging companies, etc. Plastic cap moulds has the capability to produce a vast variety of plastic products varying in composition, sizes and complexity. Applications for this extremely reliable and repeatable process called plastic injection molding are used in HVAC, automobile and commercial filtration to sectors like pharmaceutical, food processing, etc.

How It Works

Once an engineer designs a part, a toolmaker will design a metal mold generally with aluminum or steel. The designed mold can have single or multiple cavities, machined precisely to make the part as planned.

A range of polymers, comprising thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers can be utilized for injection molding. Granules and pellets of the chosen material are heated in a pot attached with an injection-molding machine until they are pliant enough for injecting into the mold.

Granules or pellets of the chosen substance are heated in a pot attached with the injection molding machine until they are pliable enough to be injected into the mold. The substance then cools down, hardens in to the desired shape, and is then removed from the mold.

Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

  • The process reliably produces a high amount of consistent and high–quality units.
  • It allows complex metal to plastic conversions, reducing overall costing by lowering various machining functions into a single molding procedure.
  • Plastic bottle cap moulds allow design freedom for caps as they allow addition of soft edge or radii that would need additional machining in metal parts.
  • Another benefit it offers is the ability to create precise parts with complicated geometry. It is because plastic material is put in the molds under high pressure, which fills the cavity entirely. Hence, the plastic in the molds conform to even intricate shapes and details.
  • In the process, it is also possible to blend different substances into the same part for better utility. You can create a sealing edge with 2 shot molding and can use soft and hard plastic and different colors to create more intricate designs.
  • High degree automation is involved in the process of injection molding that significantly reduces the production cost. Robotics or machines can lower labor and overhead costs in the steps involved. The process can be done faster and efficiently enhancing production output.
  • There is very little or almost no waste generated during the process and the leftover plastic can be reused.


Plastic injection molding produces more precise and detailed parts, economically and faster. It offers you a range of material and design choices to produce desired parts with detailed features.

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