How Much Does a Custom Home in Melbourne Cost

Posted by Ajay Singharia on April 21st, 2018

How much a custom home in Melbourne costs, is a question that many potential homeowners ask. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, the rule of thumb is knowing the value of the lot. The price will represent about 20 to 30% of the total cost of a home.  
Here’s a list of factors that will affect the cost of your Melbourne home.
When you’re working with a professional building company, they will want to ensure that your dream home stays within the range that you’re comfortable with. So, they’ll use indicators like the size of your lot, its location, the nearby houses and your preferences to give you a realistic quote.
A bigger home with more rooms will naturally need more labour, more materials, and sometimes, more job-specific equipment. A 1000sqft home will cost less than a 3000sqft or an 8000sqft home.
Finishes vary so much from one home to the next, and so does their cost. Finishing includes the stones or roofing you’re using, the cabinets you’re installing, the floor and so on. Also, consider whether you’re going natural stone vs. simulated stone, are you using quartz countertops, or granite, or laminate countertops. Are you doing hardwood floors or engineered. These have different cost points and effect, and they add up. You have a thousand small decisions with an increment of costs associated with them and at the end of the day; it adds the smaller cost to a large fee.
Another big indicator that can help you determine the price for your home is the costs of homes around you; are you going to be around the same range, are you going to be less expensive or are you going to be more expensive.
Land often dictates the cost of a home. If your lot is located in leafy suburbs, you’re highly likely to pay more than a lot that’s in the rural areas. Your Lot serves as a good indicator of how much you’re going to pay for your custom home.  
Other factors
Superior products call for top-level artistry and finishing too, which costs money. The lot’s condition and its terrain also play a big part. Often, there’s a site-related cost that you’ll have to incur, whether it’s clearing the greenery or levelling.
While it’s difficult to give a clear answer about how much a house costs upfront, it’s not impossible. Custom builders in Melbourne will help you walk through that by taking you through a couple of things.
They will help you look at the overall cost vs. the square-foot of where that home should be, in that area. That will give you an idea of your home’s cost range.
They can also look at it on a breakdown of line items: they will walk through what you want in your home regarding finishes, flooring, and design. They then take all these parts and pieces and break it down into a cost. This will help bring you closer to the amount you’ll pay for your custom home.
Another option is to take you and bid out what you want. Your custom builders in Melbourne will go through the home design, and get all the products along with the finishes and put these out to different subcontractors to get a price.

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