Noga Wills & Nsor Ojiji Nigeria Scam report

Posted by huma mustqeem on April 21st, 2018

The Purpose of this Website is simple: I got scammed by a Vendor selling Botanicals from Nigeria and as you can imagine, I absolutely hate this guy and want to spread my bad experience throughout the web to harm his credibility and help other people to avoid getting scammed by him too.

Actually he is called Nsor Ojiji, acting as the following Companies: Noga-Wills Ltd or Noga-Wills Botanicals, Elohay-Wills Ltd and several other “Noga-Wills” company-name-variations. There are lots of slightly different business profiles created leading back to Mr. Nsor Ojiji. Those profiles always appear to be a Botanicals Trading company selling medicinal herbs from Africa, stuff like Tabernanthe iboga rootbark, Voacanga Africana, Picralima nitida and many more. Buying anything from one of these Noga-Wills Scam companies will result in a very bad experience with Nsor Ojiji.

I also found some profiles saying the company will actually be located in the UK what is absolutely bullshit. This is just a fake try gaining more credibility with this profile compared to one with a Nigeria address, because everybody knows Nigeria is full with Scam artists like Nsor Ojiji from Calabar.

However most of the profiles show the following information and phone number:


Contact Information

- Address No.60A MCC Road Calabar, Cross River State

- Country/Region Nigeria

- Phone 234 - 802 - 8404991

- Contact Nsor Ojiji

What kind of bad experience with Nsor Ojiji will happen to you if you decide buying botanicals from Noga Wills Ltd? This actually is based on my experience as well as 2 other companies I know that have been scammed with almost the same tactics.

Actually everyone starts very carefully when buying from a Nigeria company the first time because they are widely known to be scammers a lot of the time. To gain the initial credibility he will send you a smaller order for which you do not have to pay upfront but first once you have received it and checked it. This will actually be a good quality product which you will receive.

If you then decide to place a new order he then will ask for upfront or at least a partial upfront payment and this can also work as long as the order value is low like a somehow bigger sample order. But once you will transfer him like a thousand or more Dollars, then there will be problems almost immediately. Actually those 2 friends of mine who also got scammed by him, they simply did not receive any reply anymore after they have transferred the money. Me myself, I still got contacted by him with nothing then bullshit telling stories like shippingcosts have increased or if I order and pay 20% more I will then actually receive additional 50% more products etc… All of what was told only has one purpose, trying to get some more bugs.

I know, it is a shame getting scammed with such procedures, so take care of not getting scammed by Nsor Ojiji and any of his Noga Elohay Wills Botanicals companies!!

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