Why today's generation prefer Online shopping ?

Posted by Pri on April 22nd, 2018

We often hear everyone talking about what all they ordered online and how much they loved it. It often drives you to think about why people have started prefering online shopping. There were days when we felt that online shopping isn’t worth because there’s always a risk associated with it like bad quality, sizes, cheating, duplicate products, etc.

There was a time when people undoubtedly chose to visit stores for shopping because it gave them a sense of security, trust and ease. One could always try different options and choose what they liked the most.

But the world has changed a lot. With most of the people having busy schedules, they do not get the time to visit stores and have started exploring online shopping websites. Even students today like the limitless options that they get with just one click. Most of the online shopping websites also offers great discounts. Thus, this has reduced cost, time and efforts.

Online shopping

Let us consider some points to explain this growing inclination towards online shopping:

  1. Reduction in time, cost and efforts:

As I discussed above, one of the primary reason of the shift from offline to online mode is reduction in time, cost and efforts. You search for what you want and get thousands of options from thousands of platforms. It allows you to make your choice easily without spending much of time. In offline mode, we often waste our time in searching for different shops and comparison often becomes difficult. Also, the choices are limited to where you are.

  1. Great discounts attract customers

We have often observed that you get great discounts when you shop online. There are several days on which there are super sales, mega sales and half price sales. People get products at unbelievable prices. Buying product online is always cheaper than the offline mode because there’s always one or the other offer on the products.

  1. Attractive payment options

The introduction of Cash on Delivery (COD ) option have attracted a lot of customers especially in country like India. It gives them a sense of trust. Earlier people used to have a doubt regarding non delivery of product after online payment. But today, online websites gives numerous payment options to customer. We have also observed EMI options on several products at very low interest rate which also makes online shopping a better option.

  1. Return & Exchange Options

The online shopping websites today are not ready to lose their customers.  We discussed in the initial paragraph about how there was a risk relating to quality, size, duplicate items, etc. when shopping online. To overcome such doubts in customer’s minds, the online shopping portals provide all options relating to return and exchange of products. They give surplus time period to their customers for exchanging or returning the products. Such flexibilities has given a rise to online shopping.

  1. No geographical barrier constraints

Most of the online shopping sites give the option of worldwide shipping which means you can order anything from anywhere. Even the online shopping websites for Indian wear are providing these options.

With so many benefits with just a click, who would not prefer online shopping? We see no loopholes and a basket full of advantages. People favouring online shopping is pretty obvious with these points. You can read more about fashion and shopping at Desinakhre.

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