Online Chatrooms! A Small Introduction and History

Posted by Madison on April 22nd, 2018

Chatrooms, It is a system through which two or more people can communicate through a network, (internet).  No matter if they are in different cities or countries.

Chat, is an Anglicism that describes the electronic conversation in real time between two or more people through the Internet. The normal thing in a chat session is that a user types messages with the keyboard and that the message is displayed on the screen of another user (or other users), although the conversation can also be done with audio and video.


The online chat was born in 1972 and the first computer-to-computer conversation was achieved. The conversation was celebrated, as a patient and his psychiatrist participated in it. Later and almost reaching the 90s, more specifically, in 1988, the scientist Jarkko Oikarimen, manages to create the IRC or Internet Relay Chat. That is the program that allows simultaneous conversation between two or more people.

The chat was evolving and went from the precarious BBS (Bulletin Board System, one of the most primitive ways to establish connections between computers) to the virtual universes, which include audio and video. In a short time, it became a true passion of crowds.

The online chat can be considered, as a space in common to chat on the Internet. It is a widely used means of communication, which is available on the network. Nowadays, chat rooms are very famous. There are chat rooms, which refer to specific spaces, in terms of geography, such as those offered by some universities. Other chat rooms can give rise to conversations between citizens of the same country. Likewise, a more open chat can be integrated by people from different countries.

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