Handy Tips to Take Proper Care of Fragile Opal Jewelry Items

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on April 23rd, 2018

Opal is a very delicate gemstone and can be easily damaged. Opal jewelry differs a lot from other gemstones and requires special care. The gemstone’s structure is porous, which renders it to quickly absorb moisture and trap large amount of dust. So if you want to keep the amazing opalescence of this beautiful gemstone intact for a very long time, then the utmost attention should be paid to preservation.

Six percent of opal structure is made up of water and this is the reason why trace quantity of water is essential to preserve its standard shape. To avoid shrinkage, it is advised to wear your opals on a regular basis, as in this manner, the gemstone will pick up the required moisture from the skin itself and you will not have to put extra effort to consolidate the perfect shape of the gem. As well, don’t keep opal jewelry locked up in boxes as this robs them of moisture and they end up being cracked and losing their natural luster.

Opals are counted among the class of one of the fragile gemstones due to their porous foundation. Moreover, they are quite soft making its density is almost half to that of diamond. As a result, they are very prone to breakage and cracks and should not be cleaned using harsh abrasives or chemicals as this can lead to scratches on the surface of the gemstone or may even lead to breakage. Avoid using household cleaning products to clean the gemstone and only use classified mild cleaners after consulting from a jewel smith.

As weird as it may sound, even a slight trace of your expensive cologne can damage an opal. Sprays, deodorants, and other beauty products should be applied before wearing opal jewelry as the chemicals in these can tarnish the gloss of the gem. So next time you hit a party, make sure to spray your cologne before putting on your precious opals.

As already mentioned, these fragile gems are quite susceptible to the moisture and temperature and you must avoid giving them a temperature shock, which means trying not to wear Australian opal jewelry while swimming, sun bathing, or working with the ice maker!

As it is natural, our beautiful opals tend to catch grime over time. To make a mens opal ring or women’s bracelet shiny as new again, dip the jewelry in lukewarm water for some time and then rinse off the grunge with a soft toothbrush. Rinse with normal temperature water and tap dry with a soft cloth.

Opals are nature’s treasures created over a period of thousands of years. Keep these beauties in good shape and they will further add grace to your own beauty.

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