World War 2 Inspired Book - Childhood Adventures In Wartime

Posted by albert on April 23rd, 2018

World War II has been a turning point for the Brits. It was a time of utter importance that caused a union of masses, irrespective of their class, and stature, just to name a few. The union was so strong that the accumulated people only shared one purpose- supporting their countrymen who were defending them and their liberal beliefs. The impact of the war was so strong that it changed everything; nothing remained the same. Political and social aspects both saw major changes.

Amidst all this, Eric Yates, a common man who worked for two years in a row in National Service as an Army Education Officer in Cyprus, and seven years with the Kenyan Police in East Africa as a Customs & Excise Investigation Officer, penned down his version and life experiences in the form of a book named, “Childhood Adventures in Wartime”. In this book, he manages to give an eye-opening insight into a forgotten England by describing his and his elder brother experiences in a funny and thought-provoking manner.

In this book, Eric has described his and his elder Brother John’s life, born in Broomhall Crescent, Hall Green, who spent their young days in a place called Small Heath. They shared their home with their grandparents, and the impact of their love reflects on the characters displayed in the book. After spending their initial years with their grandparents, Eric and his brother moved out and settled into their own home in Dalston Road, Acock’s Green. This was the place where most of their ventures took place.

The book gives the essential details in regards to how the duo entertained them amid the commotion caused due to the Second World war and poverty. Eric stated some humorous experiences that he and his brother went through during their growing-up years when poverty was rife. Also, this book gives the readers a fair idea of how children managed to entertain themselves during the World War II. It throws light on the opportunities availed by the protagonist; how through bartering and black market profiteering, the pair spend their days. This book tells a story about the struggles that both of the leading characters face, their hardships as well as the adventures.

This book is a must-read because it narrates the painful experiences and true memories humorously. Book readers who are always in the search something fresh and really should give it a try.

Author’s Bio: Author is an avid blogger. The article is in the book named, “Childhood Adventures in Wartime”.

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