101 Tips to Make English ?Writing & Speaking? Effortless For PTE Test

Posted by Ron William on April 23rd, 2018

PTE is the computer-based assessment test taken by the non-native English speakers who dream of studying at various varsities or living permanently in Australia. The test has several segments and assesses the overall understanding of the subject of English in multiple parameters – writing & speaking, reading, and listening. The test examines the command of the person over English. A higher score will always help in securing a berth in Australia by easing the process of visa.

The following article focuses on the preparation of the “writing & speaking” section for the PTE test. The writing & speaking section of the test comprises testing the applicant on various elements. The test lasts for 77-93 minutes. The trainers from the best PTE coaching centre in Parramatta make sure that the preparation for the test should be done in such a way that securing 79+ score in test becomes smooth and effortless. For this, they follow and try to maintain the following things—

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  1. Preparing for the Written Segment

According to the expert trainers, avoid beating around the bush on the topics. The best way to get the things done is to include all the critical points in a single statement, precise and more focused. A PTE test is all about organising matters as the screen has word count showing. The test taker is judged on the ground of how well the thing is managed, arranged without distorting the logical meaning and grammatical essence.

To master this section, it is essential to undergo ample practices. Practice will help make these crucial elements perfect.

Some Useful Tips on Honing Writing

  • Focussing on the main topic by including the key points to summarise
  • There is no need to elaborate the conclusion. A precise one will always do the talking
  • Experts suggest not adding extra topping on the preparation. Meaning, there is no need to add any information that is not provided
  • Ignoring any of the spelling or punctuation mark is never going to help. Therefore, experts during the PTE training in Parramatta stress on being careful about all these crucial elements
  • Using the abbreviated or short forms is never going to reach you to perfect 79+ score in the test; therefore, it is suggested not to use any of these
  • Repetition of the same words should strictly be avoided. Thus, the aspirant needs to be verbose to use the proper substitution. 
  1. Preparing for the Speaking Section— Honing Verbal Ability

Speaking counts! This is why during a PTE test, the section of speaking is emphasised. The training centres make sure that the aspirants perform equally well when it comes to proving their mettle in expressing themselves.

The experts suggest never to mess with the PRONUNCIATION! It is the crucial factor that describes how well the aspirant knows the subject. At the training centres, the trainers make sure that each of the words is spelled correctly and distinctly following the right phonetics. Stress is also given on making the things engaging by honing the ability to organise ideas skilfully.


PTE test is not about showing the literary skills. Instead, it is all about assessing the knowledge of the test takers. Therefore, the reputed coaching centres make sure that they prepare the applicants according to the requirement. 

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