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Posted by kenresearch on April 23rd, 2018

Need for Clean and Green Energy Free from GHG Emissions to Boost the French Renewable Energy Sector-Ken Research

Energy is very essential for human existence and improvement of human life-style. All the major energy productions are from fossil fuels, which are non-renewable and significantly pollute the environment. The need for clean and reliable energy is in huge demand in France. The fluctuating price of fossil fuel is a concerning factor in the French nuclear power sector and renewable energy sources are essential to meet the growing need for power within the country. Solar energy is the renewable energy source available on the Earth and French has decided to establish solar energy farms. These farms are easy to establish which can be connected to collect and distribute electricity or the electricity produced is diverted to the grid. The report titled “France Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2018”, provides a comprehensive analysis of necessity of energy, solar, wind and nuclear power in France, solar farms in France, bio-energy in France, and advances in the French renewable energy policy.

Solar Energy: Establishing solar farms and potential investments in huge batteries was expected to save the energy disruption and the French government is planning to reduce dependency on nuclear power. France is planning to generate low-carbon electricity because a huge investment is required in the near future to extend the life of atomic plants. The country needs to spend billions of euros in the next 12 years to renovate nuclear reactors. Therefore, France has decided to spend much on establishing solar power plants by the year 2035. The increasing market for solar and wind energy resources is driving the need for the establishment for these energy resources. For the establishment of solar and onshore wind energy, French government needs to install new wind power generators and increased solar PV capacity batteries. Power generation with renewable resources is readily expandable in the coming years because there are huge investors and developers within the country. This trend will continue and France will remain an attractive country for new investors in renewable energy for the next decade. The share of nuclear power will be dropped to enhance the demand for renewable energy generation which is clean and green.

Bio-Energy: France generates a larger amount of power in the form of bioenergy. Majority of the bio-fuel consists of household waste, wood, other biofuels, biogas, and paper waste. Biopower is a crucial element of the French future energy needs and without which the reduction in greenhouse gases is impossible. The country uses environment friendly chemical synthesis and processes such as green catalysis, green solvents and reagents, atom-economy synthetic methods to produce biopower from renewable resources. All the excess biopower generated is stored in batteries. This renewable energy is a progressively explored area as an alternative source of fuel to preserve energy security in France. France is the largest biopower manufactures in Europe and has requested for biopower policy stability for sustainable conventional biopower and biofuel producers until the year 2030. It was observed that the biopower sector in France will continue to upgrade in clean fuels with a sky rocketing growth over the coming years.

Key Points in French Renewable Energy Policy Handbook: Empowerment of French government in renewable energy resources, adaptation to new regulations, financial support, technical support from the national agencies and locating potential for new projects are a few factors that are involved in the French renewable energy policy handbook for the year 2018. The key advances in the renewable energy resources in France are to provide clean transport accessible, develop new innovative energies, decarbonising energy production and ensuring controlled transaction. These trends motivated all the national and international players to invest heavily in this sector, supply clean and green energies using renewable sources.

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