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Posted by Vishal Parihar on April 23rd, 2018

If you are someone who frequently dyes her hair at home, I’m sure that you are no stranger to the pesky stains that dye tends to leave behind on your skin. Letting these stains fade in their own time is not a viable option when you have a big event coming up. But you don’t have to worry because making a dye stain vanish is not really as hard as it may seem. 

These products must contain some type of synthetic ingredients to get results that we all want. Well my answer to that after being in the industry for many years is to support forward thinking conscious companies that are making a difference and are looking to remove the harsh chemicals wherever they can and replace them with beneficial ingredients.  

Some Henna products could potentially have metallic salts used to enhance the colour in them and many hairdressers will not colour your hair once they know you've been colouring your hair with Henna. The reaction from strong commercial colours over the top can vary from having a purple or greenish cast to disintegrating completely, depending on the compounds used in the "Henna" product.

The Benefits of Natural or Organic Chemical Free hair Dye

There are some “Organic” purest’s out there that say all these “Colour” companies that market themselves as "Organic" or "Natural" are not being truthful and are "Green washing" us. If you want 100% Natural, "Henna" is really the only way to go. 

There are many different Henna companies on the market and choosing the right one is important.

Henna is generally a Red colour and companies that call themselves a Henna company that have different hues in their range are generally using different ingredients to achieve the colour range.

Some Benefits are below-

You know you’re getting natural color, not plastics or chemicals

Cassia obovata coats each individual strand for thicker hair

It adds shine and can help to grow your hair when used on a regular basis

It is free of chemicals and toxic materials that won’t get absorbed into your scalp with potentially dangerous side effects.

Sourcing the right Organic Henna colour that is completely transparent with their ingredients list and has not been adultatrated is the key. 

  • Henna is a powdered form of the leaves that come from the henna plant. These leaves have a natural and effective colouring pigment that has been used for thousands of years to dye hair, nails, and skin.
  • Henna hair dye is totally natural and gently colours hair while strengthening the hair shaft, conditioning the scalp and pulling impurities from hair follicles. If you have a chronically dry scalp and suffer from dandruff, henna will help to bring your scalp back into balance.
  • Henna will give you shades ranging from strawberry blonde to dark auburn, depending on your natural hair colour and how many times you apply it. The colour will last for a couple of months before you need to reapply, similar to most commercial hair dyes.

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“To Save Beautiful Hair

Choose Chemical Free Henna Hair Dye”

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