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Posted by Geo-Logix Pty Ltd on April 23rd, 2018

Contaminated land site investigations are often required in order to establish the properties and contamination characteristics (soil, groundwater and land gas) of a site. A preliminary conceptual model and risk assessment is prepared as part of the Phase 1 desk study and includes a site reconnaissance walk over contamination survey.

Contaminated and potentially contaminated land can have major economic, legal, social and planning implications for the community. Contamination to soil and groundwater can limit land use potential or increase costs for developers, property owners and local authorities. The investigation and clean-up of site contamination is important to protect the environment, human health and assets. General awareness of contamination and methods to resolve site contamination issues has increased as land demand continues to grow, and the affects of contamination on human health and the environment become better understood.

Land Contamination Assessment requires a multi-disciplinary approach to determine the nature and extent of contamination and the actual or potential risk it presents to human health and the environment. Land can become contaminated for various different reasons. It may be land that once sited a chemical factory, or an old gasworks plant. It could also be that the land has become contaminated by extensive oil or fuel spills or through the introduction, deliberate or otherwise, of some other pollutant.

Contaminated land remediation aims to stop chemicals and other pollutants from harming the immediate land environment. The contamination may be surface only, or it may have filtered down to the water table. In either case remediation is required to bring the land back into an acceptable condition for continued safe use. Contaminated land remediation is a process that effectively reclaims previously unusable land because of contamination for whatever reason.
The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, or Phase I ESA as it is frequently alluded to, is the initial phase in deciding if a business property is in danger of being contaminated. It is a kind of report that is regularly utilized by dealers or purchasers of the property to either decide whether it, or the area encompassing it, require advance examination to decide the ecological liability dangers. The potential purchaser will frequently run a Phase I ESA to keep the burden of cleanup on a sullied property once it turns into their while the seller may utilize the request to enhance the attractiveness of the property.

Not at all like the Phase II assessment which utilizes tests and analytical data to evaluate the pollution, the Phase I ESA is a report that depends on different sorts of data to decide whether examination is required.

The second stage assessment is the subsequent stage, and it's a more thorough examination of the property. This kind of environmental site assessment incorporates intensive testing of the property's building materials, groundwater, and soil.
Land Contamination Assessment experts collect the right data the first time. Contaminated sites can lead to large and unexpected costs for those purchasing and or selling a property. These experts provide sound and accurate advice based on best practice methods to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

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