Top 7 Reasons Why Beer Is Considered to Be a Healthy Drink

Posted by Ryanholman on April 24th, 2018

If you are a lover of beer and need to have at least a couple of pints at the every weekend, you are doing yourself a favor. Yes, if you have people telling you to avoid or not to have a beer, screw them! There is nothing wrong with consuming a pint or two of beer occasionally or every weekend. Beer adds up to your health benefits and so, you should suggest people to have it. 

If you are wondering how to do that, you can do that by showing the health advantages given below. So, now on, make a toast to your health as your beer hangovers would not go wasted: 


1. It is a way to the healthy heart: A way to the healthy heart is the way to healthy living. According to a trustworthy research, beer is an alcoholic beverage that is rich in polyphenols. It is good to keep your heart healthy, especially if you have any heart disease.  

An invention says that drinking beer in a moderated amount daily or on weekends can decrease the chances of heart diseases in comparison to abstainers. It is important to remember that the consumption of beer should not be more than a pint if you are doing it on daily basis.

2. It lowers the risk of cancer: Do you know that cooking meat at high temperature can form cancer-causing compounds? No. But, now you know that drinking beer lowers the chances of cancer. Elements residing in the beer shuts down the growth of abnormal cells and prevents the damage to the DNA. In some research, the cancer-fighting effects have been observed with the fair beer consumption.  

3. It ignites your creative side: As per a research, a pint of beer or two can ignite your creative side. That’s the reason you do best of your thinking. Beer boosts your creativity. During an experiment, among 40 men, beer-drinking blokes solved the puzzles a few seconds faster than the ones not drinking. If you are in a creative field, it is good for you to have a beer before you start work or while you are working.

4.It enhances brain power and keeps the cells protected: If excessive alcohol can damage your brain cells, moderated amount of consumption can do good to your brain. It betters the brain functionality and sharpens the mind. Beer also protects your mind from degenerative orders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It helps in preventing short-term memory loss. 

It helps to shrink unnecessary brain cell growth and keeps the growth up of the remaining cells. So, let your brain cells do not forget to keep some bottles of beers in the fridge. They are way cheaper than you think if you buy it using money-saving discount coupons for BevMo.

5. Beer keeps the bones stronger: Limited use of beer protects your bone health because of its high silicon element. Silicon stimulates the cells that build bones which ultimately good for your skeleton. So, now note that not only milk can help you to better bone health but beer too can contribute to a higher density of bones. Beer is believed to be much easier for the body to metabolize. 

6.It prevents kidney diseases: It is found that men who consume beer have 40 percent lower risk of kidney diseases than the ones who consume any other type of alcohol. The high quantity of water in the beer can be the reason for this benefit. Dehydration can cause the kidney problems which mostly happens excessive drinking of alcohol. Beer reduces the risk of kidney stone formation which leads to healthy kidney life. 

7. Beer gives you polished teeth: The layer you see on your teeth when you do not brush for a while is called biofilm. Beer can keep it from forming. If it is formed on your teeth, beer can help you to get rid of it. It reduces the bacteria from the mouth that form the biofilm. It can block the communication among dental-disease-causing bacteria. 

If you think having beer on regular basis is expensive, you have a solution of purchasing it at a low price. You can avail online discounts as well as get coupons from websites like Discount codes and promotional codes are some of the best methods of getting things at a simplified rate. So, do not forget to have a healthy toast of beer before you go to bed tonight. Cheers!

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