Become a global nurse by pursuing a Specialized Nursing Course in Canada

Posted by Colin Butler on April 24th, 2018

So you think you want to pursue the nursing profession internationally? So you are thinking about opting for a postgraduate course in Nursing in Canada?

Nursing is a profession that requires no introduction to the world. Being the #1 most trusted profession for 15 consecutive years according to the annual Gallup poll, it’s a profession that is contributing to the betterment of this world for centuries.

Though it’s easier to predict this profession as one that doesn’t require any particular skills other than compassion and kindness, it isn’t the case. There is much more that goes into the profession of nursing than one may assume. Without proper skills and knowledge, your dream of becoming a well-qualified nurse can be in danger.

Understanding the profession of nursing

Whenever the term ‘Nurse’ is mentioned, we refer to four separate job roles: adult nurses, child nurses, mental health nurses, and learning disability nurses. These four job roles together make up the largest staff group in the healthcare sector, and we call them nurses. These nurses help people who are ill or injured by serving them in hospitals, operation theatre, emergency rooms, and even at patients’ home.

What does it take to become a registered nurse?

If you have a dream of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) in a country of your choosing, your compassion towards people in need isn’t enough. In order to become a certified and highly-skilled nurse, you need to study specialized nursing programs after completing your undergraduate program in nursing. These programs train students in critical care nursing, palliative care, coronary care, nursing leadership and management, health and rehabilitation, amongst other specializations.

If are already a registered nurse and want to work as a global nurse, there are many institutes that can provide you with the opportunities to work as IEN on the global level, thus giving your nursing profession a much-needed boost.

Why is Canada the most preferred country to become a Registered Nurse?

As people are getting older in Canada, there is an estimation that there will be a shortage of highly-skilled nurses, and the number of the full-time position for nurses may even go up to 60,000 by the year 2022. This makes Canada the most preferred country to pursue the profession of Nursing.


If you really want to choose nursing as your career and visualize yourself as a person who will be a part of the healthcare sector, going for the postgraduate course in nursing in Canada is your best bet as the place offers a lot of opportunities for nurses on a global front.

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