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Posted by aniket vichare on April 25th, 2018

A leader is someone who has knowledge and knows how to lead a team to successful completion of goals. There are many things that you would learn about when you enrol for a course in post graduate colleges. Other than gaining knowledge in a single sector there would be a requirement to learn about shouldering more responsible roles in an organisation.

There are many qualities which you would be required to acquire as a leader. By enrolling in PG colleges in Chennai you would learn to lead as well as understand the magnitude of shouldering responsibilities. Post graduate courses college in Chennai are designed in such a manner as to equip you with knowledge about how to lead and become a leader. There are many things that you would learn about other than leadership when you join PGDM program institute such as interpersonal skills, enhanced communication skills and management skills.

In order to be an ideal leader, there are some qualities which would be taught to you while others you would have to work on your own.

Qualities of leader covered in PG colleges in Chennai

There are different types of duties that fall on a leader. The qualities required of a leader are as follows:

1. Initiating action: A leader is someone who possess the quality to lead a team. Therefore, he initiates action plans according to which subordinates are supposed to work and complete their goals on time.
2. Motivation and inspiration: Most leaders even in history such as Mahatma Gandhi or Napolean led the team to successful goals by inspiring people. They need to be able to connect with their team and prompt them whenever something is amiss. They need to inspire the people to take actions according to their willingness rather than being forced to do so.
3. Communicating effectively: One of the most eloquent speakers of yester years, Adolf Hitler changed the perception of mass killing and genocide with his speech. People believed in his cause and took lives because he was able to communicate effectively. Leaders are expected to create a peaceful environment and bring about a revolution for motivating employees through their speech and communication skills.
4. Building a sustainable environment: A leader is responsible for creating a harmonious work environment by building morale of employees and seeing the possibilities of how work can be achieved at minimum effort. He is supposed to oversee sustainable growth for the firm by getting work done from employees in an efficient manner. He should be a good listener because people invariably depend on the efforts made by the manager rather than the organisation.

The author has contributed immensely towards management and leadership roles in a renowned organisation. He has studied from ITM which is among the best PG colleges in Chennai.

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