Global Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook Report 2024

Posted by Bharat Book on April 25th, 2018

Bharat Book Bureau Provides the Trending Market Research Report on Global Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Opportunity Analysis And Industry Forecast 2024 under Life Science category. The report provides information on industry overview, market size, latest developments, industry trends, Key players, Global presence, and their future prospects.

Global Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Opportunity & Clinical Innovation Trend Outlook 2024

Report Highlights:

- General Working Mechanism of Personalized Cancer Vaccine
- Relevance of Biomarkers In Personalized Vaccines
- Developmental Cost Analysis of a Personalized Cancer Vaccine
- Advancements in the Personalized Cancer Vaccine
- Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Analysis by Cancer

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Vaccines are therapeutics that helps protect body from disease. They unusually work by enhancing the ability of immune cells to recognize, target and destroy entities that might be harmful for the body. A Key immunotherapeutic product that has grabbed immense attention in the healthcare segment is the cancer vaccine; which is considered to be one of the most promising ways to treat, cure and prevent cancer. 

Recent research proved that the genetic makeup of an individual has a significant impact on the overall therapeutic outcome of the administered therapeutic, which has led researchers to follow a more customized approach in vaccine manufacture to provide the best therapeutic output in patients suffering from a complex disease such as cancer. This customized approach would be more specifically targeted according to the patient’s need which is bound to enhance the overall therapeutic outcome.

Currently there are two types of cancer vaccines available – preventive and therapeutic. Therapeutic vaccines treat an existing cancer by enhancing the body’s natural immune system to recognize, target and destroy tumor cells. Provenge for prostate cancer is the only therapeutic vaccine approved for metastatic prostate cancer in the US. 

Unlike cancer therapeutic vaccine, a preventive cancer vaccine is given to provide immunity against viruses that might cause cancer. The only preventative vaccines that have been successfully commercialized at a global level are the human papillomavirus vaccine and hepatitis B virus vaccine.

The cancer therapeutic segment is currently anticipated to be worth more than US$ 100 Billion. With rapid advancement in the immunotherapy segment, almost 60% of the market will be dominated by some immunotherapeutic product by 2024, thus forming the backbone of the global cancer therapy market. This presents an excellent opportunity for an innovative product such as the personalized cancer vaccine. 

Genetic sequencing of patient’s tumor cell for neo-antigen is a vital step in the manufacture of personalized cancer vaccine. About a decade ago, the cost for genetic sequencing for an individual was highly expensive, costing about US$ 300,000. Fortunately, the advancement in genetic sequencing techniques, emergence of advanced computing and artificial intelligence has made it a very affordable and faster process which is a major driving factor for the personalized cancer vaccine market.  

The US is currently the leading market for personalized cancer vaccine, followed by the European Union. The early launch and impressive adoption of existing preventive and therapeutic cancer vaccine indicates that the US is bound to remain the dominant market for at least a decade. The involvement of regions like Japan, South Korea and China indicates it to be a competitive market in the future. Most of the cancer vaccines under development are focused on the treatment of deadly and highly prevalent cancers such as Melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and Cervical Cancer. 

on the personalized cancer vaccine market provides a detailed insight into the current status of the segment with special emphasis on the clinical innovations governing the market. The report also highlights the clinical relevance of personalized cancer vaccine, trends and recent advances that will impact the growth of the market. Overall, the report concludes with future projections regarding the personalized cancer vaccine segment which shows an exponential growth by 2024.

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