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Posted by limmzhou on April 26th, 2018

The AWP is a gun which will kill on CSGO Skins its very first hit because of its 97.50 percent armor penetration, so assuming you're ready to hit your targets. If you hit somebody above the hip, congratulations--you have the kill. If you unfortunately hit someone in the leg, then you dealt 85 percent damage to them, and you'll need to finish them off with your pistol in one or two shots (more on the pistols later on). If you "leg" someone, it is ideal to keep composure rather than anger on your living prey.

The one-hit wonder weapon shoots with a fire rate of 41.24 rounds per second, which can be a 93 percent difference to the AK-47's 600 RPM. Additionally, it requires 3.67 minutes to reload, meaning that you should consciously think of how many bullets you have left and should reload. Timing every one of your shots and knowing when it is right to liquefy will keep you from appearing ridiculous during rounds.

Buying Counter-Strike's most beloved rifle also comes with a price--,750 to be exact. Gaining knowledge of general CS:GO market can allow you to CSGO Items know which utility to purchase and what's appropriate during each circumstance, such as eco-saves, quasi-buys (force-buy), or full-buys. It is okay to buy only kevlar with no helmet against Terrorist buys, but you will definitely want a whole grenade set to defend from executes and wait for the teammates' rotations. Against Counter-Terrorists, constantly purchase kevlar with helmet with a few situational grenades.

It's good to be mindful of what pistol you use to match your own AWP. A preferred sidearm is great, but it is going to cost you. The high damage outputs of the CZ-75 and Desert Eagle are fantastic for mowing down enemies in breakneck fashion. Be skeptical of copying pros who stick to the default option pistols--their goal is ideal enough for them to consistently hit kill shots.

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