4 Common Kinds of Non ? Profit Organizations That You Should Know

Posted by mtammy779 on April 26th, 2018

As you should know, non – profit organizations come in different kinds. But even though every kind is different from each other, these organizations have the same objective which is to help the society. So, if you are interested to know each of the common kinds of non – profit organizations, you should check out the list below to help you.

Read the list below so that you will be aware of the common kinds that non – profit organizations have.

1. Public Charities

The first kind of non – profit organizations that this article will be discussing is the public charities. Based on reports, public charities are the most prevalent kind among of all. Some of the institutions that can be eligible to become a public charity are museums, libraries, churches, schools, and hospitals. The main objective of this kind of non – profit organization is to provide services that are low – cost or if possible, free of charge. It can be computer courses for youths or job workshops for people who are unemployed. These organizations usually get their funds from the government, foundations, public individuals, or even through fundraisings.

2. Foundations

Another kind of non – list of non profit organizations are the foundations which objective is to support and sponsor a lot of community events and programs. Aside from that, these foundations also give fund to some other non – profit organizations. Foundations are usually formed through business, community group, or by a family. A report shows that there are a total of 100,000 of this kind of non – profit organization in the country. You can look at a non profit organizations list for you to see some examples of foundations.

3. Trade And Professional Organizations

Next one to be discussed is the trade and professional organizations. This kind of non – profit organization is established in order to provide services and programs for the people who have the similar profession. Even though that prospective members of these organizations need to pay contributions so that they can join in, these members still have the privilege to receive discounted and free courses and job training in the field of profession that they have.

4. Social Advocacy Institutions

Lastly, most of the non – profit organizations that are formed in the country are social advocacy institutions. The main reason why this kind of non – profit organization is formed is that they have to promote and reach a particular goal or belief. The membership contributions and donations that these organizations receive are used to spread factual information and to support social changes in accordance with the mission statements that they have.

Now that you have already finished reading this whole article, you became now aware of the common kinds of non – profit organizations. In addition to that, you now also have some information on each kind of non – profit organization. You can also look at a non profit organizations list for you to see some examples of it. If you also want more information about this topic, you can do a research on the internet.

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