4 Environmentally Friendly Floor Types To Consider

Posted by devs harma on April 26th, 2018

In the business environment, environmentally friendly flooring options are growing more and more popular, as companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This is important because they want to be seen as companies who care about the environment in order to gain advantages over other companies.

The best fit out companies in UAE use floor options that are highly versatile and can work in any kind of environment. Here are some of the best picks available for flooring that is eco-friendly.
Recycled rubber
This type of flooring makes great flooring for commercial retail venues as well as sporting and gym venues. It offers bright colors and non-laminated surfaces that make it guaranteed to last long, while being very tough and resistant to slipping. Rubber is a material that lasts longer than carpeting and linoleum when it comes to heavy foot traffic, and also provide rooms with sound reduction and shock absorption. A few examples of where recycled rubber is used include weight rooms, offices, playgrounds, and gymnasiums. Recycled rubber can also be printed with branded designs, making them more sought after in the corporate environment as well. Companies can have their logo spread across a large lobby area, which is great for photographs in print and on its company website.
Terrazzo is a popular and good choice in buildings that are corporate and commercial. This is a great floor to use in lobbies, hallways, offices, and other high traffic areas. Terrazzo is made of recycled stone and glass, and it also very low maintenance. It is best suitable in healthcare environments such as hospitals, as these are one of the best floor types to use for infection control. They are also very easy to wheelchairs and wheeled machines to glide across. Terrazzo is a floor type that lasts a long time and comes in various different color and design options.
For companies that want to show their environmental impact in more ways than one, they can have the Fit Out Contractors In Dubai install bio-polyurethane floors. Bio-polyurethane is designed to mimic natural floors such as hardwood or stone, and is commonly found in spaces in the healthcare, retail, and food industries. Bio-polyurethane is also made from 90 percent renewable and raw materials, and is certified to be a floor type that you can install to reduce your carbon footprint. Bio-polyurethane can be installed in planks, rolls, or tiles, making the design possibilities virtually infinite. Bio-polyurethane is a long lasting floor and rivals that of vinyl.
Cork is a floor type that has several great properties to it. It is appealing, light in weight, and it is very comfortable when you walk and stand on it. Over the past few years, cork has been made to become even more durable and has been made to come in more colors rather than just a natural tan or brown. Cork can made to create fun floor patterns, as is mixed with rubber granules for alternatives in appearance. Cork is also hypoallergenic, long lasting, renewable, and fireproof. Cork is in fact a flexible material that is elastic and will revert back to its original shape if deformed or damaged, showing no signs of change. Cork is great for office environments as well as classroom environments, where desks and chairs can make dents in softer floor types.
These eco-friendly materials are some that you should consider for your remodeled interior space. Each of them use natural or recycled materials, come in many color options, and last a very long time.

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