Next Generation Sequencing Market

Posted by ahila on April 26th, 2018

Next-generation sequencing is the process of sequencing DNA strands similar to the nucleotides in a DNA molecule. Next-generation sequencing is carried by massive parallelization. Next-generation sequencing reduces the requirements for the fragment-cloning method used in sequencing of the genomes by Sanger’s method. Due to high accuracy, precise results, and low cost, and with low sample, next-generation sequencing is preferred over the Sanger’s method. It is commonly used in oncology studies, biomarker discovery, agricultural and animal research, personalized medicine, and others. In addition, re-sequencing of targets, identification of binding sites of a transcriptional factor, and non-coding RNA expression profiling are other applications of next-generation sequencing.

Next-generation sequencing market is driven by technological development in next-generation sequencing, increase in the various applications, decreasing the cost of sequencing, increase in gene mapping programs, increasing automation for pre-sequencing programs, and development of personalized medicine which are expected to fuel the next generation sequencing market. Moreover, rise in R&D activities by the market players and drug discovery applications are driving the demand for next-generation sequencing (NGS) market. However, lack of skilled professionals, ethical and legal issues in the interpretation, storage and management of patient data, and high reliability on funding from the government might hamper the next generation sequencing market over the forecast period.

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The next generation sequencing market segmented based on the product and service type, technology, application type, and end user

Based on the product and service type, the next-generation sequencing market segmented into the following:

  • Pre-sequencing products and services market

o    DNA fragmentation, size selection, A-tailing, and end repair

o    Library preparation and target enrichment

o    Quality control

  • Sequencing services market

o    Targeted sequencing/gene panels

o    RNA-Seq

o    De Novo sequencing

o    Exome sequencing

o    Chip-Seq

o    Whole-genome sequencing

o    Methyl-Seq

o    others

  • Next-generationn sequencing, data analysis, storage, and management (Bioinformatics) market

o    NGS data analysis software & workbenches

o    NGS data analysis services

o    NGS storage management and cloud computing solutions

Based on technology, the next-generation sequencing market segmented into the following:

  • Ion semiconductor sequencing
  • Sequencing by the synthesis (SBS)
  • Nanopore sequencing
  • Single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing

Based on application, the next-generation sequencing market segmented into the following:

  • Drug discovery
  • Diagnostics
  • Agriculture and animal research
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Precision medicine
  • Other applications

Based on the end-user, the next-generation sequencing market segmented into the following:

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Centres
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Others

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