Do you know About the Features of Bernoulli Distribution?

Posted by Oliver Mark on April 27th, 2018

What is Bernoulli Distribution?

There are many events and happenings in the life whose outcomes are in the form of success or failure. Many people use certain terminology for their benefits and predicts the chances of success and failure of a situation in advance so to deal efficiently. Bernoulli distribution is one form of such kind of terminology.

Bernoulli distribution can be understood better as if it is a model of single trial tossing a weighted coin where the outcomes are in the form of head and tail only. it is a kind of probability distribution whose conclusive results are in the form of success and failure always.

Features of Bernoulli Distribution: -

  • Bernoulli Trial – Just like in Probability and statistic, Bernoulli trail is one of the easiest experiment whose result is in the form of Yes or No, Success or failure. For instances: -
  1. what are the winning chances of two competing teams?
  2. Who has more chances to lose a battle of argument- boys or girls?
  3. Will a student pass or fail an examination?

So, Bernoulli trails are very important to nudge the series of successful results.   Success here doesn’t mean success in an ordinary way but it refers to a situation where your outcomes are in a favoured track. For example, if you want to know that how many boys are present among all in the class then every boy presence will become success and girl presence becomes the failure.

  • Independence – The important feature of Bernoulli trial is the independence of each trial. The result of a trial doesn’t affect by the result of other trials. In other words, it means that the possibilities must be remain same throughout the Binomial distribution. Each event must be completely separate and doesn’t have any influence from the outcome of other trials.
  • Relation between Bernoulli Distribution and Binomial Distribution – The Bernoulli distribution if free from influences and hence the number of successive trials form a series which can be termed as the binomial distribution.
  • Mode of result analysis – The Bernoulli trial can also be used to calculate the chances of success and failure. If the chances of success are P then the chances of failure must be categorised as 1-P. in experimental analysis, the Bernoulli distribution is used as model of single-trial experiencing an event or happening.

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