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Posted by kenresearch on April 27th, 2018

Growing demand for sustainable products and stringent compliance governing VOC emissions in products used for close and regular human interaction along with advancement in surgical procedures is expected to drive the demand for bioadhesives.

According to Ken Research report titled Global Bio-Adhesive Market Outlook to 2022 – by Product (Hyaluronic Based, Fibrin Based, Mixed Polymer, Copolymer, Synthetic Adhesive, Other Bioadhesives) and by Application (Medical, Packaging, Wood, Construction, and Personal care)demand is expected to be highest in the US followed by the European countries. Japan, China and India are expected to emerge as new countries with highest growth potential.

Globally the market for sustainable and eco-friendly adhesive is on rise. This factor has given a substantial thrust to the demand for bio-adhesives in the global market. The global market for bio-adhesives has increased constantly since 2012 and the trend is expected to continue in the future. It was mainly driven by demand for medical adhesives used in surgery and rising demand in packaging and engineered wood industry. Seeing the future potential Danimer Scientific and Henkel collaborated in 2013 to develop bio-adhesive based on hotmelt technology. Medical companies are targeting the major countries in Asia Pacific to introduce their high value bio-adhesives used in surgical procedures.

Cryolife, Baxter, Ethicon, Henkel are some major bio-adhesive manufacturers in medical segment. Ecosynthetix, Dow, Ingredion, Danimer Scientific are some major manufacturers in packaging, wood and construction bio-adhesives market. Products are still in the development stage and market is expected to register significant growth in years to come. Mussel Foot Protein, Coacervated Dopa‐Functionalized Polymer Adhesives, Tick Cement, Nano‐ and Micro‐composite Adhesive Hydrogel, iCMBA, hyCURE, Notadem Frog Glue, Bio Dendrimers, Spider based Bio-adhesives are some key products and themes that are still in development stage.

Better packaging technology, increased use of corrugated sheets and boxes for packing and moving goods is the major factor promoting the demand for bio-adhesives. There has significant demand for small size one time consumable goods creating demand for packaging. Use of bio-adhesives has shown significant demand in surgical applications and has proven life saving in case of very high internal bleeding or very complex surgical procedures. Companies are actively researching to mimic the naturally occurring adhesives from plants and animals.

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