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Posted by williamsmith21 on April 27th, 2018

“You can put confidence in someone who is trustworthy.” 

“A friend is a keeper of confidences, trustworthy with the things that belong to others.”

My thoughts today are about being “a trustworthy friend.”

Have you at any point put stock in somebody with a bit of your life, expecting some measure of special secrecy and afterward been astonished when they assumed the freedom to share that certainty without your insight? I consider all us have most likely encountered that; deplorably any of us may have trifled with as well what a companion endowed to us.

One of the best endowments you provide for a companion is a feeling of security in your relationship. A companion is somebody with whom you can securely share your delicate dreams, uncover your feelings of dread, disclose your disappointments, and examine your battles, of all shapes and sizes. Others may snicker at your fantasies, put down your apprehensions, or straightforwardly discuss your battles. A companion would not consider doing that; you are protected with them. A companion is a guardian of confidences, dependable with the things that are yours.

A man who isn't dependable in things that issue profoundly and by and by to you, is no obvious companion, however very much expected they may appear. "Dismissing someone else's deficiencies jam love; revealing to them isolates dear companions." Proverbs 17:9 NLT. It is vital that you decide the sort of kinship you will give others, and the sort of companions in which you will contribute yourself. Solomon expressed, "A companion is constantly faithful, and a sibling is conceived for a critical moment." Proverbs 17:17 NLT.

My Dad was a minister and incredible companion to others, a nearby and put stock in companion to many. I experienced childhood in a home and family where his and Mom's companions were regularly a piece of our regular daily existences. Father was faithful to his companions, and showed me that dependability was not discretionary; devotion to one's companions is compulsory, a proof of character and honesty. As a young fellow, he let me know, "Be faithful; never proceed with a relationship in which reliability and uprightness would be bargained, yours or theirs."

I have offered and expect two things in the kinship God has put in my life: unwavering and secrecy. I have been special with the nature of individuals I can call companions and expectation they have discovered me dependable with the territories of life and service we have shared.

Here is the Bible's recommendation: "Nobody who tattles can be trusted with a mystery, yet you can place trust in somebody who is dependable . . a babble can never keep a mystery. Avoid individuals who talk excessively." Proverbs 11:13/20:19 Today's English Version. I have watched that a man who will converse with you about their companion, will probably converse with companions about you. Try not to be that way. Be somebody with whom others feel sheltered and ensured. Life does not offer that a lot of spots or times.

My petition for you today is that God and others discover you reliable.

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