Application of Poly Foam Insulation Sheets

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on April 27th, 2018

A poly foam insulation sheets, also known as EPS, are commonly used in the building and construction industry and can be found in the building facades, cold storage, vehicles, air conditioning, ships of the insulation system, and many other extensive areas. They are a perfect choice for people to install on the wall or ceiling to provide proper insulation to space, whether it's a home or office workplace. Unlike traditional slabs that were earlier used to insulate the spaces, these foam insulation sheets have become quite popular among the people to use in homes. Available in different sizes and dimensions, these sheets are more common in the Europe and Western countries.

What is a Poly Foam Insulation Sheet?

Insulation sheets or panels are a sheet made of plastic compounds pressed or extruded into thin sheets and are used widely in exterior or interior application to resist the transfer of heat from warmer places to cooler spaces. Not only they help in resistance to heat transfer, but they also help in stopping air infiltration if more denser or compacted foams are used to make the panels.

Uses of Poly Foam Insulation Sheets

The insulated foam panels are used in a myriad of ways, and these are:

Exterior Application

Before backfilling around the foundation of the home, home constructor or builder often use these panels on the exterior of the home foundation.  There’s no denying the fact that this is quite a good things but sometimes, insects from outside can chew down the material or foam, but insects are hardly attracted to these panels as they offer no food value. The builder also uses these panels as exterior sheathing as an insulator.

Interior application

When it comes to the interior application, one can use these panels under the floor to provide insulation in the winters and often install in the walls for better insulation. These foams panels are protected from the insects and water as they are placed in between the dry walls or similar material. As they are durable and easy to install, they are a perfect option for homebuilders to use them for the interior of the house.

In a nutshell

Poly foam insulation sheets are a popular option when it comes to providing better insulation for spacing and has a wide range of application in the construction and building industry. Not only they provide better insulation than other types of foam sheets, but they are also durable, weather resistant and affordable.

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