Use of CEREC Dental in Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by gghbn on April 28th, 2018

Technology has visibly changed everything around us, cosmetic dentistry is not an exception, today we are going to analyze a system used for restorations, this system is called CEREC, and this term stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetics Ceramics. Dental restoration used to be extremely difficult due to the fact that most of the restoration work was pretty inaccurate and every calculation was done using instruments which might not have been the best for the job, this is where technology has changed everything, and using the CEREC technology dentists are able to create crowns and veneers with amazing precision.

CEREC technology uses 3-D imaging, CAD, CAM and other proprietary software in order to determine the dimensions of each dental replacement. The following are some of the advantages of using CEREC in cosmetic dentistry:

Duration of the procedure:

Using this technology patients are in need of crown or veneer replacements can have the entire process done in just one visit, cosmetic dentists who don't use this technology will usually end up wasting time because they need to measure the replacements in order to create new ones, this is something that can't be done in just one day without the use of technology.

Decreased uneasiness and pain:

Due to the use of this technology the amount of injections and drilling is reduced to a minimum, in just one sitting a cosmetic dentist is able to get all the information required to create replacements without putting the patient through any discomfort.

Materials used in replacements:

Once the replacements have been measured the creation and veneers and crowns is very easy and fast, automatic machines are able to make top-quality and custom-made replacements using the best materials available today such as ceramic, porcelain and other composite resins in virtually no time.

The CEREC Dental technology is so efficient that after a patient's mouth has been scanned, the data gathered is analyzed by a computer, processed and finally a machine is able to create the replacements within four to 20 minutes instead of having to wait several days to have the work done, this is accurately the reason why they use of this technology has been widely accepted by cosmetic dentists across the world. Get expert advice from Integrity dental, visit us today!

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