The advantage and disadvantage of Internet Marketing

Posted by cruz on April 28th, 2018

Internet marketing has revolutionized itself and many businesses have adopted this strategy in their business and found a remarkable increase in their sale. Basically, internet marketing is an approach to use the internet to promote and sell their products and services, it is also known as online marketing or electronic marketing.   Marketers use different strategies while executing internet marketing such as Search Engine Optimization strategy, email marketing, blogging, direct marketing, content marketing and most importantly social media marketing and many more. With internet marketing businesses have enjoyed different benefits as well as face some challenges that decrease the sale due to a misconception regarding frauds, low-quality product. So below, we discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of internet marketing.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

The benefits that business get when they used internet marketing are as follow.

#1. Lower Cost

Unlike traditional marketing, the chief advantage of internet marketing is lower cost. With the low cost, you can promote your business and other ventures through online. Even there are some approaches in advertising that is completely free as compare to do marketing through TV, newspapers, media and other channels. As it is discussed that internet marketing is the cost-effective same time it is also time-saving, which is very precious for any business. Internet marketing helps you to find your potential customers quickly, so to start dealing with them.

The amount that any business invest in internet marketing will return in double form. There is a need to used right and effective promotional techniques then there is a more chance to get higher and quick result of your investment on the behalf of your online promotions. Also, as it is stated above that some techniques are completely free when business use such methods without any investment get remarkable benefits.

#2. Global Audience

With the help of internet marketing, your business gets a chance to target worldwide audience without any limitation to specific region and area that is happening in traditional marketing. This way your business able to target a large audience and knock the door of various new opportunities. Also, you get a chance to spread your product and services globally. When your brand achieves a reputation in the online marketing people will place an order for your product without any wring feeling and hesitation.

#3. Reliable Technology

It is due to the advanced technology of internet that many businesses are running online.  Almost all the business can take the advantage internet marketing, to market their product and services online easily, effective and in the limited time constraint. With the internet, you can target your audience through email marketing in a less time than the traditional mailing, because it takes more days or sometimes week. 

#4. Very fast:

According to one commercial explains that if an electron exists then it would be in the internet marketing by now. They refer internet as a very fast. Because you were at home and sit in a comfortable sofa but traveling all around the world due to the internet. same way now marketers sit in any physical place and advertise company product and services to all over the world with the help of internet marketing and the advantage is this all done in a very rapidly. With a single button, you can approach your customers, start chatting, engage them and convert visitors into loyal customers.

#5. Better Brand Engagement with 24/7 Brand Optimization

For the successful marketing campaign, you need to be available online to answer your customers and visitors. It is also essential to provide brand awareness to your customers to keep building trust and strong relations.  Due to which online Assignment Help Australia presence is very important in marketing to keep engaging your customer and run marketing in 24/7 along with efficiently and competitively.

  • In internet marketing, you were not restricted to the business hours. Also, you do not need to do extra overtime in office nor extra payment is made for the staff. Also when you target large audience worldwide then accessibility of time will not be a constraint in your internet marketing campaigns.
  • An individual person can execute their internet marketing campaign as per their suitable time as compare to traditional marketing campaign all team will be available when the marketing campaign executed at any place.
  • Internet marketing brings easy and comfort to the people who want everything at their doorstep or when they need. It provides convenience, no crowd and does not feel worried about the shopping hours. You can shop at 24/7.

Disadvantages of Internet Marketing

#1. Face-to-Face Contact is Limited

In internet marketing, there is a lack of face to face communications. As it is a major drawback in terms of marketing. Because it marketing process there is an involvement if buyer and seller through effective face to face communication. In internet marketing, there is a less chance to build brand loyalty. Also, some people are afraid to place an order of tangible things because they feel low-quality stuff delivered with the high price and it cannot be exchanged. As compared to traditional marketing marketers used different strategies to grab the customers.

#2. Marketing Complexity

The internet marketing is the simulated market due to which it increases the risk of marketing complexity. New participant or marketers are bit confused that which type of online marketing is they used for their business. On the other side, customers are face problem and difficulty due to the complex nature of web marketing.

#3. Hard to tell if people are lying:

With the increasing number of online business now it becomes very difficult to find who is lying and who is not and unable to differentiate between quality and scrap. I am sure, many of you heard that earn money without investment or something similar. Everyone has seen such types of email. Also, there is a great of information is overloaded.

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