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Posted by chamk sam on April 28th, 2018

5 HP Printer Problems and How to Fix Them?

HP printers have always been the first choice for the customers who are looking for the best quality printers. Talking about its durability and quality, it is unparalleled. No matter what printing quality or colour you expect, HP printer will never disappoint you. Despite being the best printer in the world, it sometimes ran with some technical error as others printers stuck with and need HP Printer Support. The blog content lets you know about some of the HP printer’s errors and ways to fix them.

Top 5 HP printer glitches face by a user while printing a document:-

1- HP printer won’t print anything: – It’s simple, but this is one of the most common printer problems that one can face. If there is no mistake message pointing you to the difficult then make sure that the printer is still connected via USB or Ethernet cable, or if it’s wireless. You need to check that the Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to the right network. If that doesn’t work then check the printer driver, sometimes this can become corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. To find the correct driver for your printer, you can visit the manufacturer’s download page.

2- The HP printer is too slow: - Sometimes, you may encounter that the HP printer is working slowly. You might want to get a quick solution by which you can get the prints fast as it was printing before. If you are not too concerned about getting the high-quality prints then you can print it in draft mode. This will significantly increase print speed. You should avoid double-sided printing (if your printer supports it) as this can significantly slow your printer down.

3- HP Printer Keeps Jamming: - This is one of the most common issues which is associated with the HP printers. Not just the common but an annoying one as well. The most common cause for paper getting jammed is when the paper is not aligned properly. To fix it, make sure that the stack of paper is squared before putting it in the tray. After doing this, check if it is still jamming or not? If the printer is still getting jammed, you can get the best HP printer support from the technicians.

 4- HP Multifunction Print won’t Scan Anymore: - If your MFP’s scanner stops working, you should try to reinstall the software. Reinstalling the software can fix this error as it is the only solution from which it could be fixed. If the problem still persists, check the user guide or check the manufacturers support page.

5- HP Printed Photos are No Quality: - If your HP printer is not printing the right type of paper, you can follow a few steps as it may fix this issue. Make sure you have selected the paper type you are using in your software settings. Now. Clean the nozzle and align the print head as it helps to improve print quality. You may be running low on one colour which may cause for discoloured prints. You can change the cartridge. It is also worth noting the old ink cartridges should be checked and replaced where necessary.

Hopefully, you will be fixing these common HP errors as we have listed the queries and troubleshooting steps together. For more, you can contact HP printer support phone number +1-844 821 5790 and can ask them for help.

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