Why Are Backlinks Held So Important In Optimising Your Search Engine Ranking

Posted by David Harper on April 28th, 2018

In a world where search engine optimisation is the key to digital marketing, backlinks are highly important in improving the rankings of any website. These are the links that influence relevance, popularity, and the overall domain authority of your website. The chances of getting a high ranking for your website on Google or Bing improve depending on how much of high-quality backlinks that you have been able to create. Backlinks help Google to index the pages faster than before. You are basically helping the users to navigate through different pages and websites by feeding them relevant and additional information.

Why Are Backlinks Held So Important In Optimising Your Search Engine Ranking

The Creation Of Good Backlinks

The question that has become way too common nowadays is what the differences between a good backlink and a bad one are. It is natural that though everyone talks about good quality backlinks, the whole concept of quality can be highly subjective. There is in fact more than one factor at play in here. The following are the factors that make a good backlink.

1. Quality Source: A backlink needs to come from a quality source in order for it to be good. The source needs to be something that is familiar to the search engine and is considered trusted by it. You need to understand that the goal of every search engine is to provide the users with the best possible experience. So, a search engine goes through many pages and websites to look for the signals that can make a post ideal one for searches. It will evaluate the relevance of your backlinks and so you need to evaluate it at the earliest.

2. Difficulty Level: One thing that is given is that you need to work hard if you want to work with backlinks to improve your search rankings. The websites that contain high domain and page authority generally demand something significant in return for the link. You need to know how to persuade in order to get the right kind of backlinks.

3. The Traffic Considerations: A good link has the ability to generate a good amount of traffic and traffic still remains a determining factor in the quality of a link. This is one of the reasons why bloggers opt to rank higher with semrush. Focus on things like domain authority; follow links, page authority, and the likes to know if a certain page really has any value to bring traffic to your website.

A backlink is similar to all other kinds of efforts you put in to improve your ranking, and hard work is the key. The efforts that you put behind the right backlinks will show the results soon enough.

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