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Posted by m6flooring on April 29th, 2018

Are you sick and tired of always going on bike rides alone or do you want to persuade a friend of how great cycling tours are?

We want to show you how you can infect your friends with your enthusiasm in this article.

Be a role model

You can only infect other people with your enthusiasm if you really are passionate about cycling and lead by example. Ride your bike as often as possible. Use minor shopping trips for cycling, go to work by bike, or go on cycling tours on the weekends.

Tell people about your tours

You went on a nice cycling tour on the weekend? Then tell your friends about it. Share a picture on social networks, or send a nice picture directly to the friend whom you want to win over, while you are on the tour. This will make your friend actively interested in your tours.

The first tour with a friend

Get your friend to do at least one tour with you. Do not plan too many uphill meters for the first tour and keep the route easy. Make sure you have enough breaks so that it won’t be too strenuous for your friend. Take a photo together in a place that you both like.

If your friend enjoys the tour and his/her muscles are not too sore the next day, he/she will certainly be prepared to go on another tour with you.

Regular trips

Set the date for the next tour with your friend right after completing the first one.

The day before the tour, you can send your friend the photo that you took together, in order to awaken happy memories and prevent him/her from canceling on you at short notice because his/her inner doubts have become too great.

Praise your friend

Everyone likes to be praised – and your friend definitely will too. Praise him/her for doing a tour with you, conquering a mountain, or doing sport for several weeks in a row.

We hope that these tips will help you to motivate a friend to go cycling more often.

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