Cheat tricks to make the most of your storage space in a chest of drawers

Posted by Naveen Jain on April 30th, 2018

When it comes to dealing with the itsy-bitsy stuff, bedroom becomes the most unmanageable area of the home. The whole room looks like a detesting mess when clothes are piled up on the chair, remnants take up the nightstand’s top, and the wardrobe is flooded.The owner has no other option but to manage all the fuss pricking the eyes daily. One of the handy furniture pieces- a chest of drawers is a real gem in such a scenario. From stashing the belongings in one place to increase the visual interest of the room, the said furniture is a win-win, certainly. But the problem doesn’t get extirpated if you don’t know how to make the most of your storage space with it. A chest of drawers needs to be organized aptly.
No matter how efficient the piece of furniture is, people end up with tangled clothes and stuff in the compartments, which not only look displeased to the eyes but take time to seek out. Here are some cheat tricks to systematize a chest of drawers in your bedroom.

1. Make compartments inside the chests: When you see a jam-packed chest of drawers, extract out everything and categorize things. When you sort out all the stuff, but only the things that you need in the drawer. Start the nest task- make containers for all the categories you formed just now. These boxes will help you a lot to organize the clutter and make utmost use of the space of the storage furniture.

2. Split the drawers and assign them categories: Arranging everything at one place is a normal human tendency. What happens next is visible to everyone. The first drawer of the furniture becomes a ‘junk’ drawer in no time as we put everything inside it blindly. One of the important things to consider when organizing the sections is grouping together the similar stuff and placing them in one compartment. Mixing things up will eventually look like a complete mess in two-three days. Ergo, do the diving as per the categories.

3. Have an orderly arrangement of stuff: Usually, a wooden chest of drawers gets three same-sized chests to keep the design small yet functional. The top unit should include all the necessary belongings you need in your routine, for example, towels, garments, wallets, keys, etc. (all in different containers described in point 1). Coming over to the middle chest, this place should be used to store your extra accessories and things like nail-paints, indoor games, books and alike. Because these items are important but are not needed daily, you can use the middle unit for them. The last drawer(s) can be used to store rarely-used things in the house like spare bedsheets, out-of-season clothing etc.

4. Think beyond what you have thought: Managing the drawers doesn’t necessarily mean you are bound to think about the storage capabilities and what to keep inside them always. The top surface has its good use too. It can be organized with some nice decorating stuff that enhances the looks of the room. If you have two pieces of chests flanking either side of the bed, make them noticeable in front of everyone by sprucing the top surface with flower vases, alarm clocks, and other knick-knacks. This makes the furniture look best in fashion sense as well.

Conclusion: If you are blessed with the epic storage solution for your bedroom i.e. the chest of drawers, organize it and make it meaningful in the place. A wooden chest of drawers portrays a nice decorating scheme along with the practical benefits. Having said that, the traditional and country styled units have their own charm and blend perfectly with the modern decors.

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