Why Select OTC Eye Drops for Dry Eyes in India

Posted by sneha walia on April 30th, 2018

Dry eye is a condition, or it may be the symptom of other inter-related diseases. You can also have dry eyes if you are on a new medication or staring continuously on your computer monitor without blinking your eyes. Discomfort due to dry eyes is also caused as the result of health problem. Fortunately, there are several over the counter eye drops for dry eyes, which will bring comfort and you feel relaxed. Today, there is a growing league of eye drops manufacturers in India, which are offering more in terms of over the counter eye drops for dry eyes. All you need to do is find out eye drop manufacturer and go with the product, which also enjoys trust in the market.

Over the counter eye drops are first line of defence against conditions like dry eyes. These typical class drops are preferred more than the prescription eye drops, which are otherwise recommended by an eye doctor. OTC eye drops are useful if you intend to get quick relief. Most of ayurvedic eye drops belong to this class. Administering OTC eye drops means one thing – you do not need to go for eye consultation. If the infection in your eyes is not severe, you can continue using them. OTC ayurvedic eye drops do not have any side effects whatsoever.

Over-the-counter brands have substances, which help in maintaining the moisture. Prescription eye drops use excessive preservatives and this may cause irritation and stinging action. Your preference should be a preservative free version on the first place.

OTC Eye Drops and Its Advantages

Here are few advantages that OTC eye drops add to health of your eyes:

  • Quick comfort and easiness
  • Long term administration
  • No side effects
  • Protection in eyes
  • Heals your damaged eyes from dry eye syndrome

Most over-the-counter eye drops contain humectants, which help in retaining moisture. These eye drops are rich in lubricants, and electrolytes, like potassium. OTC eye drops for dry eyes are also available in different formats such as gels and ointments. Eye drops sold as gels and ointments stay in eyes for longer duration.

Medical Caveat

If you do not have severe dry eyes, and your life is going fine, then there cannot be a best option than over the counter eye drops for dry eyes. However, on the contrary, if condition starts appearing chronic after administering OTC eye drops, it is a warning call and you should consult your eyes physician.

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