9 Delicious Recipes With Almond Butter

Posted by rajaram patil on April 30th, 2018

If you are planning to buy almond butter online you might be looking for ways to use it. Here are 9 recipes to use your best almond butter in India.

1. Combine an almond to butter-jam sandwich. Take a unique jam like fig or cherry for a simple sandwich with a gourmet chomp.

2. Spread it on your toasts, hotcakes or waffles. This is a child’s most loved other option to maple syrup. Top with bananas slices as well as chocolate syrup. Eat it with these Gluten-Free Buttermilk Pancakes. You can buy almond butter online India.

3. Blend with natural cream cheese or Greek-style yogurt to make a dip that’s light and nutty. Use slices of apples, strawberry, pears, bananas, celery and other leafy vegetables.

4. Make a smoothie. Simply mix it with a banana and milk (any dairy or non-dairy milk will do). Basic and tasty.
5. Make an Asian dip sauce. Simply blend it with no gluten soy sauce or Coconut Aminos and crude honey. Present with lettuce-chicken wraps or yummy summer rolls. You can buy almond butter online.

6. Mix in with your most loved breakfast oat. Blend it with a bowl of hot oats, millet or other without gluten breakfast cereals and some crude honey for a flavourful morning breakfast.

7. Make a non-dairy frozen yogurt. Include best almond butter in India and two or three bananas in a mixer until the point when all are blended to make a no sugar treat that is delectable and tasty.

8. Make a chilly noodle serving of mixed greens. Hurl Chinese dipping sauce with without gluten fettuccine noodles and serve with cooked shredded chicken, carrots and cucumbers.

9. Blend it with granola to make a sound protein bar. Begin with a nutritious granola formula. If the granola pieces are too big, make small pieces in a mixer grinder for a couple of moments to make the pieces littler and afterward blend around one tablespoon of almond butter with one measure of granola or trail blend.

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