Some Basic Requirements Are Furnished To Set Up Company In Hong Kong

Posted by Jvchk on April 30th, 2018

When it is about Company Registry Search one must feel relaxed that with this searching option you can find out newer companies with all its details and fundamentals. You need to enter the company name and thus you will find out all the relevant information about it. Now setting up company in Hong Kong is not a difficult venture as long as you are having the proper understanding of it. To have proper suitable information. For all inclusive data base, you can rely upon JV Consultants Limited, for they have the knowledge as well as expertise to shape up future for any beginner or budding entrepreneur.

Here are some basic requirements described for proper understanding, Why Hong Kong is Best For Business Personnel:

The company name: With Hong Kong Company Registry Search if you are about to finalize the company then you do not have to be worried about company name but when it is about approving the name with newer incorporation, then you have to be unique in terms of thinking. Name and trademark cannot be copied.

Directors Selection: while talking about directors, there should be minimum one director and there is practically no limit to how many directors can be allowed. The director can be of any nationality and there is no hardcore requirement for him to be the resident of Hong Kong. When you are about to Set Up Hong Kong Limited Company you can also have the nominee corporate directors and the board meeting can be held anywhere.

Shareholder Selection: here also like the director one shareholder is needed minimum, maximum 50 shareholders are allowed. There would be no residency need, a director and the shareholder can be the same person. There is that age restriction, which is 18 years.

 Company Secretary Requirement– for Set Up Company In Hong Kong, you need to have a secretary, and the secretary must reside in Hong Kong, even a registered office just as JV Consultants Limited. They are best known for doing all the secretary works, pretty suitably. A director or shareholder cannot perform the role of a company secretary. The secretary is responsible to maintain all the records also the statutory books. JV Consultants Limited makes sure that the company maintains all the statutory needs.

Sharing Capital: Practically there is no requirement for share capital, but as per the general norms, the companies must have minimum one shareholder to keep the company going suitably. With any major currency, the share currency can always be expressed. Share is highly easy to transfer; even sharing transfer is quite easy to manage. A bearer share however is not permitted.

The Company Must Have Registered Address: The Company should have one registered address. This address should be registered all the way. The address should be your physical address where all the mails and letters can be sent.

About the Taxation: Hong Kong is seen pursuing territorial basis of taxation, no capital gain tax, withholding tax on dividends. All these tax systems are entrepreneur friendly.

The moment you are taking service from JV Consultants Limited you never have to be worried about anything as here the professionals would be taking care of all your banking as well as other commercial liabilities.

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