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Global Seeds Market: Seed is an embryonic plant which is enclosed in the protective covering. Seed formation is the reproduction process in seed plants, the spermatophytes including angiosperm and gymnosperm plants. Seeds are the products of reproduction of ripened ovule, after the fertilization by pollen and some growth within mother plant. The embryo is developed from zygote and seed coat from ovule’s integuments. Seed is an important development in reproduction and success of angiosperm and gymnosperm plants, relative to the more primitive plant’s liverworts, ferns, and mosses, which doesn’t have seeds and use water dependent propagation by themselves.


Seeds Market: Global Market Outline

The major factors which are driving the Global seed market growth are product innovations and agricultural modernization. Furthermore, an introduction of enhanced hybrid seed varieties, growing usage of hybrid seeds, diversification of diets, increase in concern on plant health, growth initiatives were taken by the government are the few factors which are driving the growth of the seeds market. However, quick spoilage of seeds, availability of the adulterated seeds, the high cost of the seeds, less productivity of the seeds are the few factors which are hindering the growth of the Global seeds market.

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The Seeds Market is classified on the basis of type, crop, treatment and geography.

Based on the type, Seeds Market is segmented as

  • GM seed
  • Conventional seed

Based on the crop, Seeds Market is segmented as

  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Cereals & grains
  • Oilseeds

Based on Seed TreatmentSeeds Market is segmented as

  • Non-treated
  • Treated

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