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It is not uncommon for people to change their lines of business. Much in the same way, escorts change their genres of work too. It may surprise the client to find out that a particular escort scrapped or added some services to her list. This is not unheard of in the escort industry.

So, what are some of the reasons why escorts change their genre of work?

  1. Boredom

That’s right! Literally anything on the face of the earth can get boring. Geraldine, an independent Mumbai escorts admits to leaving her stripping job to be a full-time escort. She said stripping and all the groping from the customers got a bit too boring for her. She also says the money in escorting is way better with much less groping from strangers.

  1. Money

Well, this is a no-brainer. If the grass is literally greener on the side, why not move there? Lots of escorts adjust their line of service according to the amount of money they stand to earn from the new line of business.

  1. Major life changes

This is one of the main reasons that causes escorts to scrap off some of the services they used to offer. When Prisci, a female Mumbai escorts got engaged to her fiancé, she removed intimacy from her list of services offered. Major life events like getting pregnant or deciding to start a family can lead to a change in the genre of work.

  1. Curiosity

Good ol curiosity is a good reason why escorts change genres. Maybe it’s the allure of travel or the high-end cocktail parties or just the allure of a normal life. Whatever it is, curiosity plays a big role in influencing the decision to change genres.

Having covered the reasons why escorts change their line of work, how then should an escort handle her clients to persuade them to move with her to the new job?

  1. Special invitation

Everyone feels special when they get a special invitation anywhere. Making clients feel exceptional may be the trick you need to get them to move with you.

  1. Special discount

Everyone loves a discount. Issuing a special discount to your old clients is a sure-fire way to entice them to try your new services.

  1. Mix the old and the new

Find creative ways to include the old services in the new era. This way, clients will not feel that your services have brutally changed.

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