Sewer Pipe Bursting Technology: Facts You Should Know About

Posted by Jessica Beak on May 1st, 2018

We also know sewer pipe bursting technology as trenchless pipe excavation that has considerably improved over the past few years. Earlier, a local sewer pipe that was broken and needed repair meant only immense road knocking down, broad traffic jamming, lasting construction, and local commercial businesses taking a fiscal strike.      

Also, that time sewer pipe revamp used to be deadly, untimely, and chaotic; blocking high-traffic roadways as well as businesses and costing a lot of wealth to get done.  But with the most recent improvements in technology when it comes to plumbing pipe fix, there is a superior and simpler method to carry out things today.  Just keep on reading to learn further about sewer pipe bursting technology and how it gives advantages to the businesses, contractors, and a lot of industries in terms of pipe mend as well as replacement.           

Let’s Make Out About Pipe Fix & Replacement:

As a point of fact, sewer pipe fix and replacement is just the right solution to repairing broken or challenging sewage pipes deep under the earth. If we talk about its procedure, it is in fact pretty straightforward, as in this 2 holes are dug, one at each end of the part of piping that has to be repaired.  After that a remote-controlled apparatus is fixed into one opening and directed through the pipe until it is close to the next opening. In case, the pipe just has need of renewal or support, there are 2 easy ways. Have a look: 

  • First method is to fix a polyethylene pipe once the machine is fixed, and after that make it bigger or fasten it to the inside walls of the active piping with the use of hot air.
  • And the second method is spraying an epoxy resin onto the internal walls of the active piping.

Furthermore, when it comes to the big projects as well as repairs, these easy methods will not do the job. In this condition, the intensity of repair as well as replacement should be kicked up a mark. And this is exactly where sewer pipe excavating technology greatly comes into play. Just like earlier, a remote-directed apparatus is fixed into an opening, but now it has an auger fixed to the facade of it. In addition to this, it is guided via the trail of the tube, or the corrected trail, slicing the active tube walls to shreds with thin blades.        

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