The Top 7 Benefits of a Barbados Offshore Company

Posted by kingofseo on May 1st, 2018

Registering a Barbados Offshore Company offers international businesses a great opportunity to increase shareholder returns while reducing taxes on profits.

Barbados has been an industry leader in the offshore sector around the globe for several decades and has been recognized as such by business leaders and government organizations. As an example, the OECD has awarded the island with the exclusive "white list" ranking which acknowledges that the island state has substantially implemented the internationally agreed upon tax standards.

If you're thinking about registering an offshore company, then your island of Barbados should receive serious consideration as your jurisdiction of choice.

The Top 7 Advantages of a Barbados Offshore Company

Very Low Taxes - The tax rate for offshore companies is simply 2.5% down seriously to 1% of profits. Furthermore, you will find no withholding taxes on dividends or royalties. Capital gains will also be completely tax exempt barbados eblast.

Large Taxation Treaty Network - Barbados has taxation treaties with over 30 other countries. These treaties ensure that there surely is agreement between countries over how profits will undoubtedly be taxed as business is conducted across the world. Large and effective treaty networks greatly benefit business owners who're now able to cut back their international taxes in an environment of certainty and regulation.

Regulatory Environment - There's a powerful legislative framework in destination for a govern business operations and give you the laws by which they operate. With a history of strong regulation, in place for decades, business owners understand that their rights and benefits will soon be protected.

White List Status - Barbados is one of many few offshore jurisdictions included on the exclusive white list issued by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This recognition is essential to business owners who would like to make sure that their business is operating from a respected jurisdiction.

Economic and Political Stability - Barbados features a history of economic and political stability, featuring a parliamentary system that dates back again to 1639. The banking system is quite robust and the economy includes a long record of growth and stability.

Educated Workforce - Barbados features a high literacy rate that is ranked 4th worldwide by the U.N. Human Development Index. The island's overall development is ranked 3rd in the Americas behind only Canada and the U.S.A. The high quality of human resources available show that offshore businesses can hire well trained local managers, employees, attorneys, tax advisors and qualified accountants to operate their business effectively.

First Class Infrastructure - The Island has got the top quality infrastructure needed to act as an international business center. Including a developed telecommunications system, an international airport and an extensive road network. There are many international banks on the island that could transfer funds around the globe and there are no exchange controls in place allowing funds to maneuver freely.

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