What is plastic surgery Thailand and where it is performed the best!

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Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with the correction of any congenital, acquired, tumour or simply a process that requires repair or replacement, or that affects the shape and/or function of the body. The medical team is made up of professionals with vast experience in the specialty, some of whom work uninterruptedly in plastic and reconstructive surgery since the 1970s. With regard specifically to reconstructive surgery in thorax infections, it has one of the largest worldwide cases with a significant number of patients operated in different centers since 1985 (1400 cases until 2010, with an average of 70 surgeries per year). Only plastic surgeons are officially endorsed to perform plastic surgery Thailand.

This type of reconstructive kind of surgery is done on the irregular body who do not have a proper structure that are either caused by birth issues of even by developmental issues, to trauma, tumour and diseases. It has main aim of enhancing the physical appearance.

The surgeon must be certified

The first thing that the patient must take into account is whether the surgeon who is going to operate it is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This training requires exclusive dedication in the subject. In addition, the surgeon must have in view the certificate issued by the regional health section of his department. It should be taken into account that no plastic surgery process should be attended by a general practitioner since they are not in the faculty of performing these types of procedures.

  •   Dermatological surgery: nevi, atypical or dysplastic nevi, melanomas, basal cell / spinocellular epitheliomas (carcinomas), vascular lesions (angiomas), lipomas, soft tissue tumours, cysts, hidradenitis, onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail), warts, seborrheic keratosis, acrochordons, cleft earlobe, among others
  •   Surgery of the lips: tumours, cleft lip, facial paralysis,
  •   Thorax: treatment of post-surgery cardiac sternotomy infections, pectum excavatum or carinatum, reconstructive surgery of the thoracic wall after oncological surgery in conjunction with thoracic surgeons
  •   Skull: primary or secondary cranioplasties (due to the rejection of placed prosthetic material)
  •   Cosmetic surgery: rhinoplasty, auriculoplasty, blepharoplasty, mentoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation and reduction plastic, abdominal and thigh dermolipectomy, liposuction of limbs and thoracoabdominal

And many more is performed Phuket Plastic Surgery!

Medical equipment

A safe plastic surgery has a whole medical team behind that supports the surgeon. For example, you have the anesthesiologist, the instrument, a nursing assistant who is aware of the patient's condition or if there is a complication.

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