Set the Wireless Security Cameras for Protection of Your Property

Posted by Ryan Blair on May 1st, 2018

We are living in a society where we have to worry about our home’s security while away or asleep. Burglars and robbers adversely impact our lives every single day. Browsing through the news channels on the television or turning the pages of the newspaper every morning, we often come across such incidents of theft that shake us from the core. Taking precautionary measures is a wiser way than to regret later.

Speaking of precautionary measures, according to home security magazine, around 82% of police officers testified that the IP security cameras are some of the best ways to deter any burglary activity that takes place in or around your house. With the advent of incredible technological advancements, the wireless security cameras have provided a peace of mind for the home-owners.

The market is flooded with a whole bunch of wireless surveillance cameras, it can get very overwhelming to choose the best type of camera that suits you befittingly. It doesn’t cost an arm and leg in your home to install such a security system. The surveillance camera systems that are built with the latest technology aids in minimising the overall costs by eliminating the long cables and the multiple plug-ins that were used in the older versions of the security cameras. Hefty installation charges and maintenance costs are also curbed down to a great extent with the latest wireless security cameras. Being aware of the specifications of these cameras is crucial before you place your order.

The IP security cameras provide 24x7 security and are equipped with instant motion detection alerts, continuous recording under all conditions and live monitoring. You can easily view the live footage on your smartphone, tablet or laptop while you are away. Amongst the plethora of features that these security cameras are packed with, following the few that needs to be highlighted.

  • Wireless camera: Including a 2 metres long power cable, the security cameras connect seamlessly via WiFi. In case the difference between the location of your power socket and the placement of your camera is greater than 2 metres, you can use the 5 metres extension wire that comes along with the package.

  • Security and surveillance: With built-in motion detection sensors, you can now freely monitor your property from anywhere in the world and can even prevent unwanted break-ins from happening, since you are instantly alerted with notifications on your smartphone as soon as it detects any activity.

  • Night vision mode: Having a 15-metre viewing range, the IP security cameras are competent to monitor in the midst of complete darkness with the aid of automatic night vision.

  • Crystal clear visibility: Monitor the minute details with the stunning 1280x720 resolution widescreen view. The cameras are equipped with HD quality external weatherproof that allows crystal clear vision.

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