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Posted by Shweta Singh on May 1st, 2018

The malicious disease of cancer when is fostered in any area of your throat, voice box, and larynx is called the condition of throat cancer. The disease is marked by any lumps in these areas.

The treatment for throat cancer depends on a lot many factors. These factors range from the type of cancer, the disease prognosis, the location of the tumor, the tumor size, patient’s health and age, stage of the cancer etc. as the first level of your treatment your doctor will put you on many tests to amass all the necessary data about the patient’s condition, and then thoroughly plan the treatment regime.

There are a number of cancer patients flying all the way to India in order to avail treatment. Hospitals like Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute & Research Centre have thoroughly established their dominance on a global level with expert treatment in nominal expenses. It practically quoted one of the best in the entire Asian continent.
In India, Throat Cancer Treatment options used by top delhi cancer institute are as follows-


Like in all forms of cancer, surgery marks for the removal of cancer struck tissue along with some healthy tissue lining. For pharyngeal cancer, it is the prime treatment option. Throat surgery is recommended for two conditions. One is for the normal removal of the tumor, and the other for improving the other functions of the throat. Generally, a successful surgery doesn’t show any bleeding, blockage or other post-surgery complication.
If detected early, a minor surgery is capable of removing the tumor. The success rate of early-stage surgeries is as high as 80-95%. These small-scale operations are economic at everything requires lesser treatment time, charge, speedy recovery, and lesser risk of post-surgery complications.

Radiation Therapy-

Radiation therapy use x rays to penetrate the body and damage the cancer cells. These rays destroy their crazy reproduction power by hindering their DNA, making them inactive.

The therapy is largely used for small tumor sizes and has shown promising results too. However, in case of large tumor sized the therapy is needed to be combined with other options like chemotherapy etc. Big hospitals like Rajiv Gandhi are using Modulated Radiation Therapy, which is the latest innovation in the line of this treatment.


This treatment involves the use of chemicals or medication to exterminate the cancer cells. Not just cancer cells their principle works by destroying every rapidly growing cell in the human body. The procedure works by infusing the drugs directly into the patient’s veins or by oral consumption.

Chemotherapy specializes in the condition where the cancer cells are spreading to other tissues. These drugs travel all over in the bloodstream destroying them everywhere. For visible tumors, they are combined with radiation therapy for a more directed result.

Both radiation and chemotherapy are used as subsidiary therapies to minimize the tumor size for minimum tissue removal. And as a post-surgery treatment, to ensure that no cancer cell is left to multiply again.

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