Why Should You Have An Eyebrow Tattoo And A Scar Camouflage Tattoo?

Posted by SolCosmedics on May 1st, 2018

Currently, eyebrows are inclined to have developed from pencil-marked eyebrows, thin arcs to complete brows. Nowadays, the latest mania amid most modern women is having hairy and full eyebrows, and it has become the latest eyebrow trend in the beauty world.  Thus, the market is crammed with a variety of eyebrow products as well as with treatments, ranging from eyebrow tints and eyebrow mascaras to extensions.

While observing the eyebrow trends from the past to the present, having a big and thick eyebrow is still considered trendy in the beauty industry. Thus, women start tattooing their eyebrows to look them bushy and curvy in a way they want. The process of tattooing an eyebrow, which is popularly called as microblading, has turned out to be the latest trend amid many beauty conscious women to make them appear natural.

Eyebrow tattoo is a type of semi-permanent makeup to fill up brows without hair or to conceal thin eyebrow areas. Here, the beauty professional will use a flimsy blade manually to deposit pigment beneath the skin. This will exactly imitate the individual hair by drawing strokes similar to the real hair by means of an eyebrow tool.


Tattooing an eyebrow will usually take 2 to 3 hours to complete where the tattooist will sketch the specific area with marks and brows. Thus, the user can transform the thin brows into bushy ones. During the eyebrow tattooing process, the expert will numb the area by applying a lotion prior to using the blade to offer a pain-free experience to the users.

Similar to eyebrow tattoo, scar camouflage tattoo is used to hide the scars in a particular area. It is also a semi-stable makeup and it works by slowly mixing the skin color, which best fit that of the skin adjacent to the scar. It is a versatile procedure, which can be used to camouflage any type of scar from any part of the body. Usually, this type of tattoo will hide the scar for the maximum period of three years, as it will not wash off quickly.

The process of tattooing a scar is perfect for those concerning more about the scars as well as for those who are incapable of camouflaging their scars through some traditional makeup. Any professional and skilled tattoo clinic will have the ability to hide all types of scars effectively within a few sessions. The major goal of the tattooing the scar is to develop a makeup formula to offer a natural look to the skin of the users. Moreover, using high-quality products for tattooing will aid users considerably in avoiding all sorts of side effects, as well.

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