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Posted by rohny01 on May 1st, 2018

Do you already have experience and want to deepen the techniques of positioning Off Page? In this Definitive Guide on off page SEO you have it all.

What is SEO off Page?

Basically the SEO Off Page includes all the external positioning factors, that is to say, those that do not belong "to your page" and theoretically you cannot control directly through the ( to SEO On Page ). Although the SEO On page is fundamental to create a good base of positioning, most of the factors that influence the ranking of a page are based on Off Page Optimization.

And since links are so important for positioning, it is normal for SEO off Page to have them as main objective to obtain or facilitate other pages linking to yours. And also to talk about them in Social Networks, Forums, Blogs, etc.

What is more effective, the SEO On Page, Off Page?

The best answer is both.

SEO on Page is essential, but by itself does not guarantee a good positioning, especially when you fight in competitive niches. And that's where the off page SEO comes in, which will help you gain authority and raise search positions.

Article links

Links Inbound = Link Building

Getting Inbound Links ("Link Building" in English) can be one of the most annoying, but necessary, tasks in almost every SEO campaign. Therefore, it is an activity that you must at least know because it is very important in Web Positioning.

Why are links important?

Because they greatly influence the PageRank, since Google considers each link as a "vote of confidence" Every time you get a link, you talk about your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., Google "takes note" that your content is good enough to be shared. Of course, not all links have the same importance, those that come from recognized authorities (for example Wikipedia) will contribute more to your positioning than dozens of links of lower quality (for example comments in Blogs). We all know that it is not easy to get a link from a website with Authority, and Google knows it too, that is why the Authority plays such an important role when evaluating the links.

Types of Inbound Links ("Backlinks")

Natural (Organic) Links are those that are created naturally when other pages link to yours on their own initiative. They are usually the most beneficial, but also the most difficult to obtain. Artificial Links ("Link Building"): can be quality links, although not as valuable as organic ones, but which can be obtained more easily.

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