How To Choose The Right Resume Format

Posted by katherine on May 1st, 2018

It is said that eighty percent of resumes being scanned by managers are thrown away. You surely do not want to be part of that eighty percent. On the contrary, you want to be part of that small percentage that got the managers attention. But how do you do that? This article will show you exactly how to do that. By creating that perfect resume, you will get the chance of going to the next step which is either an exam or a personal interview.

You may not know it. But the resume has three basic forms. These formats will help you highlight things or hide them. But before tackling any of these, one has to remember that you have to keep the resume impeccably clean. It will tell the manager or your potential employer the standards that you have set upon yourself. One excellent way of ensuring that this happens is by putting margins on your resume. Please do not put any unnecessary markings on the resume. One has to bear in mind that this is not a chat message that you will send to a friend. Now, let us tackle the different formats.


This resume form is the most traditional among the three. If you have scoured the World Wide Web for samples, this is the one that you are most likely that you will come across. What is good about this format is that anyone can use this - may you be a fresh graduate or a seasoned career person. This format is highly recommended for those who want to show an orderly progression of their careers as well as those who are applying for a job that is similar to their last one. But if you are changing your career path, this is not the format to use.


This format highlights your abilities and skills. Which is why it is highly recommended for those who have acquired an impressive experience level. This is also the format to use if there are gaps on your professional career. But one must shy away from using this if you want to highlight your educational attainment.


As what its name implies, it is a hybrid of both forms. It has been merged to get the best of what they can offer. It allows you to highlight specific skills or qualifications that is a characteristic of the functional format. But you can still include your professional experiences which is one of the winning characteristics of the reverse-chronological format.

Whatever format you choose, one must make sure that it highlights your winning points - may it be your educational background or your work experience. But if you do not know which one to choose, you might as well click on this Resume Writing Service Ottawa for more help.

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