A Quick Travel Guide to Los Angeles International Airport

Posted by Angela Martin on May 1st, 2018

A mention of Los Angeles can flash images of Hollywood, crazy parties, and magnificent buildings in your brain. But the city is indeed more than just that. You will witness what you have already seen in the movies and TV, but you should also be prepared to come across stunning landscapes and some unlikely issues related to navigation and transportation. So, after you have booked your airlines tickets to Los Angeles, here are some important facts you should know before you land into Los Angeles International Airport:

Transportation available from LAX

The Los Angeles International Airport is about 16 miles away from the Downtown District, and unlike in other major American cities, it has no train station that can take you to the center of the city right after you step off your plane. However, LAX makes up for that by offering other transportation options that include airport buses, shuttle vans, taxi cabs, and door to door shuttle vans. You can take free shuttles that connect Los Angeles International Airport to the Metro Rail Green Line light rail. The free shuttles also carry passengers from one terminal to another.

Currency Exchange

One of the busiest and largest airports in the world, LAX is equipped with all the modern amenities and services. In the upper departure level of all terminals, it features ICE Currency Exchange kiosks. The kiosks are also found in terminals 2, 5, 6 and Tom Bradley International Airport in the lower arrival level.

Shopping and Dining

Love shopping? Los Angeles International Airport is home to plenty of shopping destinations that are dotted across the different terminals in the airport. Stores like Brookstone (T1), Treat Me Sweet (T1), DFS Duty Free (T2, 3 & B), eSavvy (T2), Moshi (T3), Hudson (T3&B), Access Hollywood (T6), Belkin (T6), Mac Cosmetics (TB), Bliss (TB) and many others offer everything from designer clothes to electronic items to beauty products. The airport is also filled with national and international restaurant chains and caters for a wide range of tourists. Some of the popular eateries that are located at the airport are California Pizza Kitchen (T1), Deli & Co (T1&3), Barney’s Beanery (T2), SeaLegs Wine Bar (T2), Slapfish (T2), Earthbar (T3&6), La Familia (T3), Peet’s Coffee & Tea (T3&6), Blu2O (T6), Starbucks (T6), Angel City Brewery (TB), Ashland Hill (TB), Chaya Sushi (TB) and more.

Top airlines serving LAX

Being one of the largest airports, LAX is served by almost all the major national and international airports allowing you to Book Flight Tickets to Los Angeles from every part of the world. Also, the airport is the main hub for Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Atlas Airlines. If you wish to book cheap air tickets to Los Angeles, you can book with low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines. Other popular airlines that serve the city are Emirates, Southwest Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and others. All these airlines fly about 90 million passengers every year to and from Los Angeles International Airport.

Traveling within the city

Los Angeles is a big city. Light rail and bus services are not available between all the major attractions and landmarks. Even if they connect two spots, a rail or bus ride may take hours. And some of the scenic sites such as Angeles Crest Highway and Pacific Coast Highway aren’t served by either of them. Thus, renting a car is recommended to explore some of the most iconic sites in the city. Use Google Maps or similar services to not be lost and avoid gridlocks. Remember the spot where you park your car and always get your ticket validated.

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